TSM beat Dignitas in highly controlled game

by theScore Staff Jul 19 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

It was a slow, methodical destruction by Team SoloMid to take solo control of fifth place in win over Dignitas.

A clever bait by Team SoloMid resulted in a four-versus-four brawl in the bottom lane with TSM walking away with First Blood.

The next fifteen minutes of the match were very patient by both squads, but with TSM carving out a small 1.5k lead. A catch onto KiWiKiD solidified TSM's lead and allowed them to take their second dragon.

Bjergsen's poke prevented Dignitas from building any momentum for a comeback as TSM continued to play it slow. With total vision control, TSM easily secured a 26 minute Baron plus another kill onto KiWiKiD.

Taking down all three of Dignitas' Tier 2 towers with their buff and powerful poke and siege composition, TSM extended their lead to 7k gold. Moving onto the base in a 4-1 split push, TSM only managed to destroy the towers before Dignitas forced a fight. Trading evenly one-for-one, Dignitas managed to shove TSM away.

Regrouping, nothing could stop TSM from taking down all three of Dignitas' Inhibitors. When Dignitas desperately tried to fight, TSM brushed them off easily to win a three-for-nothing.

With Super Minions pouring into their base and a freshly Baroned-up TSM looking to end it, Dignitas had no chance to prevent the inevitable loss.

With the win TSM takes solo possession of third place and hand Dignitas their fourth loss in the last five games.

Nicholas Doucet is a News Editor for theScore eSport. You can follow him on Twitter.