Impulse take down TDK in Gate's debut

by theScore Staff Jul 19 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of RIot Games / Riot Games

In their first match with their new support, Team Impulse took care of last-place Team Dragon Knights to keep pace with the top of the table.

Not showing any nerves in his debut, a roam from Gate set up XiaoWeiXiao to secure First Blood. Moments later, a successful dive to kill Seraph put TiP ahead by 1k gold before 5 minutes were on the clock.

TDK got on the board with a three-man gank onto Impact, narrowing the gold margin. Immediately after, an over-aggressive gank by Rush was turned around by kez as TDK took down the first tower of the game as a reward. A Teleport by Seraph meant a second death for Rush and another tower for TDK, officially putting TDK in the lead by 1.5k gold.

The action continued in the top lane, with an extended skirmish that ended in a three-for-one in TiP's favor to put an end to TDK's short-lived advantage.

Both teams continued trading blows, but TiP started to come out ahead after winning a few fights in a row. Grouping up, TiP extended their lead with the Tier 2 bottom lane and the Baron afterwards.

TiP got a little too confident, with Gate initiation before the rest of his team was in position. In the resulting fight TDK came out way ahead, eventually finding four kill and the dragon. However, TiP still held onto a solid gold lead and quickly reestablished control after the slip-up.

Catching Apollo out of position, TDK found another minor team fight victory but was unable to build any momentum off the kills.

Finding Emperor in his jungle, TiP pounced and found the kill. Forcing Baron immediately after, TiP secured the objective and won the fight with Apollo coming out with a Triple Kill to his name.

Wasting no time, TiP dove into TDK's base and took the last team fight win confidence. Finishing off the Ace, TiP handed TDK yet another loss while continuing to fight for a top two spot at the tight top of the standings.

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