Gravity hold onto first with win over Team 8

by theScore Staff Jul 19 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games / Riot Games

Staying one game ahead, Gravity topped Team 8 thanks to back-to-back Baron steals by Move.

The first dozen minutes of the match was a slow burn.

Gravity got First Blood at 17 minutes by hunting down Dodo8 in his own jungle. However the extended chase gave Team 8 the opportunity to find a kill of their own and take down two Tier 2s, putting them 2k in the lead.

Team 8's vision control helped them claim two dragons in a row and keep the pressure on Gravity through the mid game. The first major fight was a clean two kills for Nien, which meant Baron was on the table for Team 8. Keeping his team in it, Move jumped over the wall and stole the objective with a well-timed Smite.

With the buff and the Keane's poke, Gravity pushed Team 8 back to secure their first Tier 2 tower and their second dragon. However, with the buff wearing off Team 8 reestablished control and maintained their gold lead.

A flanking Homeguard-Teleport by CaliTrolz allowed Team 8 to pick off two kill as Gravity scrambled to respond. Starting Baron a few moments later, Team 8 lost the fight and the objective when Altec and Move showed up to harass over the wall. Finding three kills and stealing away the buff right out from Team 8's nose, Gravity claimed the lead for the first time. With the buff, Gravity cracked the top lane Inhibitor tower, but was unable to get any more.

Six minutes later and with Baron back on the table, a massive team fight broke out near the pit. When the dust settled Gravity was ahead four-for-three, but with all major damage dealers on both sides down, neither squad could take any objectives.

With everyone respawned, Baron once again became the point of focus. This time Team 8 secured it, but Gravity won the fight and finally took down the top lane inhibitor.

With the clock approaching 50 minutes, Nien got caught out of position and taken down by Hauntzer. With the power play, Gravity was able to muscle down the Nexus and hold onto first place with their 12th victory of the season.

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