Copenhagen Wolves upset ROCCAT, hold off auto-relegation

by theScore Staff Jul 23 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

In a dramatic split-push finish, the Copenhagen Wolves managed to stay alive and avoid auto-relegation with an upset win over Team ROCCAT.

With auto-relegation on the line, the early game was played very cautiously by both teams. However, the Copenhagen Wolves came out slightly ahead with small farm advantages as well as the first dragon.

An aggressive move by Soren was punished by a gank from Jankos, as ROCCAT picked up an easy First Blood. A few minutes later a very extended team fight in the top lane went all the way into the Wolves' favor, ending in a two-for-zero. Meanwhile, Soren was split-pushing, giving the Wolves three free towers, another dragon and a 1k gold lead.

Twenty minutes into the match saw the Wolves were slowly but surely taking control of the map with their split-push threats of Soren and Lenny as well as superior vision. The third dragon went over to the Wolves, furthering their lead and putting ROCCAT on the clock.

ROCCAT showed some signs of life when the Wolves tried to take Baron. Forcing them off the objective and pushing down the mid lane, ROCCAT destroyed the Tier 2 turret to narrow the gold gap. Despite a solid flank from Lenny, the Wolves lost the fight and ROCCAT retreated with a free kill. Stalling out the game even further, ROCCAT took their first dragon.

Heading towards the 40 minute mark, the game continued to move slowly with both teams happy to play around the objectives and not risk and outright fight.

In the first major move, ROCCAT decided to trade away the fourth dragon for the Baron. But Shook managed to run to the objective in time, and stole the buff away right out from under ROCCAT at the cost of his life.

After the power play, ROCCAT pushed the top lane and took down the Inhibitor. But at the same time, Lenny was split-pushing with the Baron buff, and the rest of the Wolves stopped ROCCAT from recalling back to base. Chasing them to stop the port, the Wolves bought Lenny plenty of time.

Helpless, ROCCAT could only watch as Lenny took down the Inhibitor, both Nexus towers and finally the Nexus to put keep the Wolves out of auto-relegation for one more game.

Nicholas Doucet is a News Editor for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.