Unicorns of Love top Giants in thrilling base-race finish

by theScore Staff Jul 23 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Fighting back from behind, a bold decision to base-race paid off for the Unicorns of Love as they shocked Giants Gaming in the final moments of their game Thursday.

Things got off to an exciting start when a 1v3 gank onto PowerofEvil was completely turned around. By the end of the skirmish, the Unicorns of Love mid laner earned himself an impressive First Blood thanks to a great stun.

Throughout the early game, both teams continued to trade blows back and forth. Although the Unicorns were the aggressors, initiating tower dives and jungle invades, they came out the worse for wear and by 10 minutes the scoreboard ready 6-3 plus a 2k gold lead in the Giant's favor.

The Unicorns fought back, finding a kill onto the out-of-position Werlyb, but the Giants responded immediately with a tower dive of their own. Walking away with one kill, the mid lane Tier 1 and the first dragon, the Giants successfully protected their small advantage.

In the mid game, the Giants were happy to take it slow to let Werlyb scale up after the hectic start, and the Unicorns used the opening to take a dragon of their own and and find a few kills, narrowing the gold gap.

With a playoff spot potentially on the line, both teams continued to play all of their fights very carefully. Although kills were traded back-and-forth constantly and the Baron was starting to come into play, almost all of the skirmishes balanced out and neither side came out with a significant advantage.

The breaking point came when Werlyb solo-killed PowerofEvil, which spelled Baron to the Giants. Taking a kill onto Gilius who attempted the steal, Giants grouped up and forced UoL's base.

Trading Werlyb for Vardags, the Giants secured their fourth dragon and extended their lead to 6k gold at 40 minutes.

Things looked grim for the Unicorns, and with such a large gold deficit they recognized they were unable to win a fight. Opting into a base race, Vizicsacsi and Gilius bought enough time for the rest of the Unicorns to smash through their opponent's base and steal the win right out from under the Giants.

With the victory, the Unicorns improve to 9-8 and take sole possession of fourth place, all but securing their playoff berth.

Nicholas Doucet is a News Editor for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.