Fnatic close in on perfect season with dominant win over SK Gaming

by theScore Staff Jul 23 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Even with a highly experimental composition, Fnatic dominated SK Gaming to put themselves one win away from a perfect LCS season.

Despite their extremely unusual choice of support, Fnatic heavily out-played SK and came out of the lane swap massively ahead with First Blood and first tower.

Fnatic continued their domination with roams by YellOwStaR and Huni into the mid lane and SK's jungle to put the kill score at 4-1 and increased the gold lead to 2.5k before 10 minutes on the clock.

SK showed signs of life with a handful of kills and the first dragon, but the rest of Fnatic continued to control the game through vision and used their global presence to hold onto their lead. Whenever SK Gaming made moves to shift the momentum, Fnatic was always in position to punish with more kills or objectives on the other side of the map.

SK Gaming's poke helped them hold off Fnatic for the next little while, until a fight broke out near the dragon pit. A flanking initiation by Huni and ReignOver meant Fnatic easily took a four-for-one trade and the dragon, growing the lead to over 8k.

Thing went from bad to worse for SK at the 24 minute mark of the match. With Fnatic starting off the Baron, SK opted to group bottom lane and pushed. Although SK managed to destroy Fnatic's Inhibitor, the Baron empowered recalls meant that Fnatic responded in time and crushed the team fight, taking a clean Ace.

Moments later, SK misjudged the tankiness of YellOwStaR's support Trundle, which baited them into a fight that Fnatic once again easily won four-for-nothing.

With the Baron buff still in hand and four SK players off the map, Fnatic claimed two Inhibitors and set their sights on the third. With less than 30 minutes on the clock and SK unable to hold back the flood of Super Minions, one final fight sealed the deal for Fnatic.

Nicholas Doucet is a News Editor for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.