Origen defeat H2K, lock in second place finish

by theScore Staff Jul 23 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

In a top-of-the-table battle, Origen found the win over a struggling H2K to secure second place and the first round playoff bye.

Player Champion Champion Player
Odoamne Fizz Lulu sOAZ
loulex Gragas Rek'Sai Amazing
Ryu Twisted Fate Viktor xPeke
Hjarnan Kalista Corki Niels
kaSing Thresh Shen Mithy

Although H2K won the early laning phase, Origen struck first on the scoreboard by using Mithy's global presence to turn around a gank onto sOAZ, while securing two kills and the dragon.

A little too confident in their lead, a dive in the bottom lane by Origen ended in a three-for-two in H2K's favor. At the same time, Niels and xPeke destroyed two of H2K's Tier 1 towers to seize a 2k gold lead.

The fights continued to be sloppy, with kills picked up here and there by both teams. But, Origen held onto the lead in objectives with the second and third dragons.

Heading into the mid game, Odoamne's split-pushing prevented Origen from forcing their advantage. A scattered skirmish in the mid lane ended with H2K taking two kills for none and both of the mid lane outer towers as a prize, resulting in a 4k gold swing that officially put H2K ahead for the first time since the early minutes.

However their lead was short lived, because a catch onto Hjarnan meant Baron went over to Origen without the possibility of being contested. With the gold back to even and grouping with their buff, Origen cleaned up two of H2K's Tier 2 towers.

H2K fought back with a few kills, meaning Origen was unable to take strong control over the game off of their buff. With nearly 40 minutes on the clock, the game went back to a staring match with both teams waiting for a mistake by the other to exploit.

H2K blinked first, biting on a Baron bait by Origen. The initial engagement was an even one-for-one, but the second clash was a three-for-nothing to Origen. Upping their dragon counter to four and taking the Baron buff as well, Origen restored their 5k gold lead.

With double Banner of Command Baron Empowered minions battering down their base shortly after, H2K was forced into one last desperate defense. But Origen's lead was too great, and they mopped up the members of H2K to secure the victory and the all-important first round bye.

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