Elements beat Gambit in record-setting marathon

by theScore Staff Jul 23 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

In the longest game of the summer split, Elements outlasted Gambit Gaming to put themselves one step closer to a playoff spot.

A pre-3 minute roam by Nyph caught Betsy completely off guard and resulted in a very early First Blood to Elements. Another roam by Nyph, this time to the bottom lane, continued to get things going into Elemenet's favor with another kill. Gambit got on the scoreboard with a three man tower dive onto Jwaow, but had to give up the dragon to do so.

An over-extension by Elements to chase GoSu Pepper cost them when the rest of Gambit flanked around the side. Taking down Froggen and Jwaow in exchange for their support, Gambit brought the gold back to dead even.

The game slowed down significantly heading past the half-hour mark, and Elements restored their lead with the second and third dragons. Froggen's poke and wave-clear stalled the game out and stopped Gambit's efforts in their tracks.

Knowing they had to do something, Gambit tried to a desperate Homeguard-Teleport flank by Cabochard. Although the fight started out good for Gambit, Froggen managed to slip away and Elements rallied to secure a two-for-one trade and the fourth dragon.

Aspect of the Dragon for Elements was looming as the next big breaking point. With dragon back on the map and Gambit gaining control over the pit, Elements forced the fight. However Froggen put himself too close to the tanks of Gambit, and another Homeguard-Teleport by Cabochard around the back swung the skirmish into Gambit's hands. Coming out ahead two-for-one, Gambit successful denied Element the fifth dragon.

With a surge of confidence, Gambit started the Baron with Elements nearby to contest. Although Cabochard's Slicing Maelstrom was great, Elements won the fight anyways and took the Baron immediately after.

Grouping up with their buff, Elements began to siege Gambit's base. But Cabochard continued to keep his team in it, breaking the siege with a flanking move that killed Froggen instantly and sent Elements running.

With 50 minutes fast approaching and the game once again stalled out, something had to give. In this case, it was another brilliant Teleport from Cabochard that eliminated Froggen in the blink of an eye and spelled Baron for Gambit.

After taking the first Inhibitor of the game in the mid lane thanks to their new buff, Elements set up a trap in the jungle and killed an unsuspecting dexter. Without their jungler, Elements had to concede their Inhibitor bottom lane and another dragon over to Gambit.

Eyes set on the final Inhibitor, Gambit patiently waited for the Super Minions to do their work while they sieged Gambit's base. Backing up to gain vision on the Baron pit, Gambit found another kill onto dexter which mean another buff over to Gambit and the fourth dragon.

Trying to close it out with another Homeguard-Teleport initiation, this time Gambit was unable to burst down the main carries of Elements. With two of Gambit's players dead as a result, it was Element's turn to take a pair of Gambit's Inhibitors.

Passing the hour mark of the match, both teams were looking to strike the fatal blow. With the Inhibitor advantage it was Elements who made the first move, setting up a death-bush trap into which Diamond wandered. Instantly taking down the Gambit jungler and chasing down GoSu Pepper as well, Elements finally had the advantage they needed to close out the record-setting marathon match.

With the win Elements enter into a four-way tie for 5th and can challenge for one of the few remaining playoff spots. For Gambit, the loss puts them into a must-win scenario against H2K tomorrow if they want to avoid slipping down the standings and possibly out of playoff contention.

Nicholas Doucet is a News Editor for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.