Giants Gaming snap losing streak with win over Copenhagen Wolves

by theScore Staff Jul 24 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Keeping pace in the tight race for the few remaining playoff spots, Giants Gaming halted their skid with a much-needed win over the auto-relegation bound Copenhagen Wolves.

The first dozen minutes of the game were relatively quiet, with neither team willing to take any major risks. However, Giants Gaming made the first misstep after starting off the dragon. Although GODFRED managed to secure the objective, the Copenhagen Wolves pounced on the opportunity to take a three-for-one fight and put themselves 1k gold ahead.

Not wasting any time, the Wolves used their chain-cc composition to continue to find kills all around the map, putting themselves into a position to secure a dragon of their own.

By the 20 minute mark, the scoreboard read 6-2 with a 2k advantage for the Wolves. The Wolves continued to pressure the lanes, but PePiiNeRo and Adryh's poke prevented them from pushing up too far and gaining a strong hold on the game.

A kill onto Shook spelled a second dragon to the Giants, but the game started to stall out as both teams searched for a favorable engagement. Things changed a few minutes later after the Wolves gained vision control around the Baron, taking advantage of poor recalls by the Giants to sneak the objective for free. The Giants had to settle for a third dragon as their consolation prize.

Despite the Wolves' lead, the Giant's poke stopped them from touching a tower before the buff wore off. With PePiiNeRo and Adryh continuing to push the Wolves back, the Giants slowly sieged the base even though they were 2k behind.

Desperate to break the siege, the Wolves tried to hard engage with On the Hunt, but lost the fight and the Baron immediately after. Buff in hand, the Giants cracked the mid lane Inhibitor as the Wolves could do nothing but look on. When the Giants tried to move to the top lane, a hook by je suis kaas started a hectic fight that was a two-for-one in the Giants' favor, but left everyone too low to continue the siege.

The Wolves continued to hold on, losing a few fights in a row but prevented the Giants from ending the game. With their Inhibitor respawned and Baron back on the table, the Wolves converged on the pit. Taking the fight, the Giants emerged victorious four-for-one and smashed the Nexus immediately after.

With the win, the Giants put themselves one step closer to securing a playoff spot while also locking the Copenhagen Wolves into the auto-relegation spot.

Nicholas Doucet is a News Editor for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.