H2K top Gambit Gaming, end season on high note

by theScore Staff Jul 24 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Fighting through their late-season struggles, H2K-Gaming came out ahead against Gambit Gaming to enter into the playoffs on an up-swing.

An early two-versus-two tower dive initiated by Gambit Gambit quickly went south when Diamond and Cabochard overestimated their damage. Although Gambit got First Blood, loulex walked away the victor with two kills to his name.

H2K-Gaming continued to come out ahead in the skirmishes and used their Tristana to take a tower lead and the first dragon. Forcing their lead, H2K gained deep vision and kept Gambit on their heels by constantly shoving in the waves. Whenever Gambit made a play to get back into the game, H2K was in position to punish with kills or objectives across the map.

Grouping up and pushing top, H2K secured the tower and a kill onto Cabochard to expand their lead to nearly 2k gold at 23 minutes. With H2K in strong control of the jungle, there as nothing Gambit could do to prevent H2K from taking their third dragon of the game and slowly pushing down their mid lane Tier 2.

However, Cabochard was quickly become a significant split-pushing threat and a thorn in H2K's side, relieving some of the pressure off of his team. With Betsy's poke clearing the path, Gambit found some life and began to push back.

Deciding to start off the Baron, H2K secured the objective at the cost of a three-for-one trade to Gambit. Regrouping quickly with their buff, H2K build up a massive wave of empowered minions in the top lane and muscled down the top lane Inhibitor.

Turning their attention to the bottom lane, H2K confidently dove the tower to find a few more kills and close out the match without hesitation.

H2K enters the playoffs as the official third seed while Gambit Game will likely have to play a tie-breaker if they are to hold onto their hope of a playoff spot.

Nicholas Doucet is a News Editor for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.