SK Gaming beat Elements in Tahm Kench's debut

by theScore Staff Jul 24 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Playing the role of spoiler, SK Gaming did their best hurt Elements' playoff chances by completing the upset and finding their sixth win of the season.

A Teleport to the bottom lane by Jwaow meant nRated was the sacrificial lamb, and Elements walked away with an easy First Blood. Using their Kalista advantage, Elements also took the first dragon uncontested a few minutes later.

An aggressive invade cost Elements their advantage when SK was able to collapse and punish, picking up two kills and taking a 1k gold lead. Piloting the League's newest champion, Tahm Kench, fredy122 got involved for the first time, setting up a tower dive onto Jwaow to put SK up even further.

Both teams continued to trade back and forth, with kills exchanged across the map but with the gold lead staying in SK's hands. SK was slowly but surely gaining more and more control of Element's jungle, using CandyPanda and Fox as split-pushing tools while the rest of the team danced around the mid lane.

The first major fight took place around the dragon pit. It was a hectic skirmish, but Elements pulled out the two-for-one victory and took their third dragon as well.

With half an hour on the game clock, SK continued to build on their lead with a few kills and the Tier 2 bottom lane. Making a bold move, Elements gained vision control around the Baron and quickly snuck away the objective while SK was busy sieging the Tier 1 mid. With the buff and Froggen's poke buying time, Elements secured their fourth dragon and the Tier 2 mid, bringing the game back within a few hundred gold.

Despite the minor comeback, SK gaming won the next major fight cleanly, catching out and bursting down Tabzz and then picking off a straggling nRated.

With their lead restored, another team fight near the Baron pit ended in a two-for-nothing to SK. Although SK Gaming secured the Baron off of the fight, doing so gave the fifth dragon over to Elements. With the buffs evening each other out, neither team made any moves for the next few minutes.

A tower dive by SK Gaming earned them three kills and the Inhibitor, putting them ahead by 10k gold and opened up Element's base. When Elements tried to get their second Aspect buff, Tabzz stole the dragon away with a well-timed rocket.

Moving immediately to Baron, SK secured the buff and a kill onto Jwaow.

From there, SK slowly forced their way into Element's base. Mounting a desperate defense, Elements looked to be coming out ahead in the fight. But when the dust settled, CandyPanda emerged as the last man standing, which meant victory for SK Gaming.

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