ROCCAT upset Origen to secure playoff spot

by theScore Staff Jul 24 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Rising to the occasion, Team ROCCAT convincingly beat Origen to punch their ticket into the playoffs.

Before 3 minutes on the clock, roams by the supports and junglers caused a full-blown 4v4 in the mid lane which ended with Origen picking up First Blood onto Vander. Although ROCCAT evened the kill score a few minutes later, Origen continued to pull ahead with the first dragon and the first tower.

Heading towards the mid game, NukeDuck's split pushing helped ROCCAT bring the game back to even. Grouping up near the dragon, ROCCAT secured the objective and a kill onto Mithy in the retreat. Immediately after, a Flash-knock up onto xPeke by NukeDuck launched a 4v5 fight in ROCCAT's favor which ended in a four-for-nothing, officially turning the tide of the match.

Origen stuck to their guns and used their globals to find isolated targets, but ROCCAT consistently came out on top in larger engagements thanks to their team fighting abilities.

With 20 minutes on the clock, ROCCAT was ahead by 2k gold and started to pressure objectives. Grouping together to put a stop to Origen's global shenanigans, ROCCAT patiently grew their lead with multiple dragons and the Tier 2 mid lane and bottom lane.

Drawing Origen into a fight by starting off the Baron, ROCCAT used a flanking Teleport by Steve to land a wombo-combo, winning the fight two-for-nothing and securing the Baron buff.

Forcing Origen back, ROCCAT took their fourth dragon and followed it up with the mid lane Inhibitor. With the first major advantage of the game, ROCCAT wasted no time and ran over Origen in their base, closing out the match with confidence.

With their eighth win of the split, ROCCAT secure their playoff spot at the last possible moment.

Nicholas Doucet is a News Editor for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.