Fnatic smash the Unicorns of Love to complete perfect season

by theScore Staff Jul 24 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Fnatic closed out their perfect season with a bang by dominating the Unicorns of Love in the fasted game of the summer.

Sneaking into the brush top lane, Gilius pounced out onto Huni and gifted First Blood over to Vizicsacsi. Rinsing and repeating, Huni once again fell to the Rengar-Poppy combo a few minutes later. Despite the kill money, the Unicorns were getting heavily out-farmed which meant the gold was even at 10 minutes.

Fnatic started to pull ahead after both top laners Teleported down to the bottom lane for a fight. With ReignOver in position, Fnatic had the numbers advantage and came out of the scuffle three-for-nothing in kills and with the Tier 1 tower as well.

After the handful of early kills, the Unicorns were unable to find any other advantages as Fnatic slowly but surely asserted their dominance. The game went from bad to worse for the Unicorns when a pick attempt onto Febiven quickly turned into a full team fight. With Huni arriving on the flank, Fnatic won a clear four-for-nothing and wasted no time in destroying the mid lane Inhibitor.

With the game slipping away, the Unicorns tried another desperate initiation which started out with a kill onto Febiven but ended with Fnatic walking away with three kills.

Taking the Baron as their reward and with over a 10k gold lead behind them, nothing could stop Fnatic from steamrolling through the Unicorn's base.

Closing it out in less that 25 minutes, Fnatic ends the season a record-setting 18-0 and makes their mark as one of the best EU LCS teams in history.

Nicholas Doucet is a News Editor for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.