ROCCAT take tiebreaker over Giants, secure fifth place

by theScore Staff Jul 24 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

In a tiebreaker battle to determine playoff seeding, Team ROCCAT came out the victor over Giants Gaming.

An early invade by ROCCAT forced the Flash out of Werlyb, and as a result, a gank by Jankos meant an easy First Blood to Steve. Finding some revenge, an Idol of Durand allowed Fr3derick to take down Steve to even the kill score.

A sloppy gank in the bottom lane by the Giants ended in disaster when Steve Teleported in to clean up the three-for-nothing to ROCCAT, putting them 3k gold in the lead.

Heading into the mid game, ROCCAT continued to press their advantage by finding kills here and there, securing objectives and controlling the Giants jungle though invades and vision.

Things quickly turned around at the 22 minute mark when a team fight near dragon went in the Giant's favor, ending in and putting Giants in command of the map.

Baiting the Baron, Giants started a fight that resulted in a one-for-one with neither team healthy enough to take an objective. Pushing up the mid lane, a positional mistake by the Giants allowed ROCCAT to capitalize, ending with a clean Triple Kill for NukeDuck and restoring ROCCAT's lead.

An extended team fight which started in the mid lane and moved to the jungle went to the Giants, letting them claim the Baron buff with the power play. Grouping bottom lane and pushing ROCCAT's base, Giants once again lost the advantage when ROCCAT came out on top four for nothing.

Things started to snowball further into ROCCAT's favor after another four for nothing to which ended in the fourth dragon. Moving to the Baron, ROCCAT started the objective but Fr3derick, the only live member of Giants, pulled off the steal.

A few minutes later, Adryh was picked off in the top lane and ROCCAT used the advantage to crack the base and destroyed the Giant's mid lane Inhibitor.

With the game slowly falling out of reach for the Giants, they started a last-ditch Baron. Unfortunately for the Giants, ROCCAT was in position to contest and cleaned up the fight 3-0, using the time to push all the way to the Nexus and closed out the back-and-forth match.

The tiebreaker win puts ROCCAT in control of fifth, meaning they will face H2K-Gaming in the first round of the playoffs. The Giants are now scheduled to take on the Unicorns of Love as their first round opponent.

Nicholas Doucet is a News Editor for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.