Team Liquid beat Team 8 in convincing fashion

by theScore Staff Jul 25 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

On the back of a strong laning phase, Team Liquid topped Team 8 for their twelfth win of the season.

A four man dive by Team 8 gave First Blood over to Nien, but they mis-managed the tower damage and despite flashing away, Porpoise8 gifted a kill back over to Quas.

Farm leads in every lane put Team Liquid ahead by 1k gold at 10 minutes even though the rest of the game was otherwise even. An over-extension by Nien and Dodo forced both top laners to Teleport down, and the skirmish went Liquid's way with Quas picking up the only kill.

Team Liquid continued to control the tempo of the game, leading in farm, map vision and objectives with two dragons. The extended laning phase worked well for Liquid, and by 25 minutes they had destroyed all three Tier 1 towers and were building a 5k gold lead.

Team 8 showed some signs of life when Nien managed to steal away the third dragon with a well-timed rocket, but minute by minute Liquid continued to dictate the match.

Passing the half-hour mark, Liquid took the initiative and decided to trade dragon for an uncontested Baron. With their new buff, Liquid wasted no time in pushing down the Tier 2 mid and bottom lane to grow their lead nearly 10k.

CaliTrolz8 did his best to stall the game by split pushing, but Team 8 couldn't stop Liquid from diving the base and destroying the mid lane Inhibitor. Liquid made a minor misstep by trying to take the dragon when a little too low on health and mana, allowing Team 8 to actually win a fight.

Desperate and still starting down a massive disadvantage, Team 8 tried a last-ditch Baron. Even though the resulting fight started as a 5v3 to Team 8, Liquid still held off long enough for the rest of the team to arrive and crush the fight four-for-one and the Nexus immediately after.

With the win Team Liquid holds onto second place and puts Team 8 only half a game ahead of Cloud9 for seventh place.

Nicholas Doucet is a News Editor for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.