Team Impulse defeats Gravity in battle for first

by theScore Staff Jul 25 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Sticking to their all-aggression style even with a new mid laner, Team Impulse brought the high-flying Gravity back to earth to create a four-way tie for first.

Things kicked off around 10 minutes into the match when a sneaky gank by Rush sent Bunny FuFuu back to the Fountain and gave Team Impulse First Blood. Continuing to make plays, TiP invaded Gravity's jungle and found another kill onto Keane.

However their aggression backfired when both teams collapsed for a full team fight, and despite the 4v5 in TiP's favor Gravity played the fight well and came out ahead four-for-two.

The game continued to be incredibly high-action as skirmishes broke out all across the map and objectives were traded constantly. At 20 minutes the scoreboard read 7-5 for TiP as well as a 1.5k gold lead, but Gravity was staying close with two dragons to their name.

Team Impulse started snowballing the game by gaining vision around the Baron pit. Taking down the objective before Gravity could properly respond and turning for a fight, TiP took control of the game with two kills at no loss.

With their lead mounting, a deep Flash by Rush in an attempt to kill Move launched another team fight in the jungle. Things looked good at first for Gravity, but TiP still came out on top four-for-three.

With the game fast slipping away from them, Gravity had one last chance to mount a comeback. Unfortunately, a catch onto Hauntzer got the fight started off on TiP's terms. A solid Emperor's Divide from Gate sealed the deal on the fight, ending in a four-for-nothing to TiP.

All but unstoppable, all TiP needed was one last all-in fight to send Gravity packing and start a four-way tie for first place in the league.

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