Enemy eSports loses longest game of the season to Team SoloMid

by theScore Staff Jul 25 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

After a lengthy and hard-fought game, Team SoloMid came out victorious against Enemy eSports on Saturday after more than 57 minutes on the rift.

The match ended up being the longest game of the NA LCS this year, and finished after NME tried to pull off an unsuccessful and uncharacteristic base race that handed TSM the win.

A deep and risky cut-off by NME after the five-minute mark gave them First Blood glory against Dyrus in the top lane, without much of an answer from TSM.

NME were the bullies in the laning phase, but TSM were too cautious to make many mistakes, and didn't give up much except a slight (but consistent) CS lead.

With better itemization and a feisty Kog'Maw for Bjergsen, TSM got themselves on the board and started shredding through turrets. Despite their weak vision, NME was still able to to pull TSM back from any Baron or team fight attempts, and answered with four uncontested dragons.

After the 30-minute mark, following TSM's first roam away from the Baron pit, NME made a brilliantly decisive call to go in and secure the objective just in time. TSM responded with two quick kills and their first dragon (denying NME Aspect), keeping control of the game and going even in gold, while leading 3-2 in kills and 6-5 in towers.

This lead grew slightly after a mistake by NME, who were safe under their tower but decided to venture out at the improper moment to give WildTurtle a double kill and an inhibitor.

But NME attempted a comeback with two kills, putting them behind 4-6 but getting them a second Baron going into the late game. They chased TSM back to their base with a good push in the top lane, killing Dyrus and taking the final Tier 2 turret.

TSM traded a third dragon for their mid inhibitor, commencing a period of chaos as the teams engaged and disengaged out of a bloodless fight. The next bout of violence came in the 49 minute, when TSM secured their first Baron and pulled the kill score to 7-6 outside of the pit.

In the meantime, TSM was also attempting to reverse-sweep of NME's earlier dragon monopoly with four dragons of their own. They broke the base to get the mid inhibitor (again), before rotating to get the top inhibitor as well.

After NME got a lucky kill, the group tried to base race against WildTurtle — but unlucky for them, the rest of TSM descended onto the team to trade four for WildTurtle, who had destroyed a third inhibitor.

TSM sauntered down the mid lane to end the game after 57 minutes, barely leading by 2k in gold and 11-8 in kills.

The loss is NME's ninth in their last 10 games.

Farnia Fekri is a staff writer for theScore eSports. You can follow her on Twitter.