Santorin on Reginald's coaching style, Gravity and TSM's playstyle

by theScore Staff Jul 26 2015
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After Team SoloMid's marathon win against Enemy eSports, Santorin spoke to theScore eSports about Reginald's coaching style, Team Gravity and TSM's playstyle.

How do you feel the team differs with Reginald as your coach compared to Locodoco?

So Regi is like "this is doing bad, this one should improve," and Loco is like "this is what we should improve on.” He's not like "you just suck at this thing." Andy is more strict and more forward and he doesn’t care about our feelings. He'll say “this is what you do wrong, and this is how you improve on it.” Loco is a bit sweeter, like he’ll say “we’ll have to improve on this.”

Andy is really good at seeing what problems we have, so when he came in and started working with us and with Loco, it became easier because now there is a third person watching us too. I definitely think Andy is improving us, but Loco is still doing stuff for the team so it's not like Andy is taking over completely. But, I think Andy being there helps a lot.

Where do you rank yourself as a jungler in the NA LCS?

I really don’t know how to rate myself. First of all it's a team game, it's not like you’re going to solo carry the game anymore because junglers are playing Gragas, Rek’sai and those champions. There's not many plays to make because it's more of a team game where you just kite and you flank and you do all those kinds of things. So I wouldn’t know where to rate myself but I would rate myself in the top.

Which team in the NA LCS currently impresses you the most heading into the final day?

I'm most impressed by Team Gravity over the last few weeks because they have improved a lot. At the start of the split, we were like "they’re probably going to be one of the bottom teams in the LCS" and then suddenly they were beating every single best team in NA and they’re doing really well.

And then they wanted to start bringing back Maokai and Shen top lane. So when we would play Gravity, they came in with Shen/Maokai and we didn't know what to do about it because we didn't even prepare for that. I feel like they are an innovative team and they have a lot of counter picks. They can play the same champs in pretty different positions so its pretty hard to play against them too.

TSM plays conservative and passive a lot of the time, resulting in marathon-like games. is that something they want to work on fixing or is that their preferred style of play?

Us being really passive and just playing for the late game is something we as a team have always been doing since the team was made, but we really want to change that. We want to be the aggressive team. We want to make the plays. We want to end the game fast, and we want to end the game clean.

Right now we are trying to transition into that clean ending game. Today [Saturday], we played a scaling comp to make sure we had a high chance of winning, and because we still don’t feel like we can play the game clean and fast yet. We feel like we should take the wins we can get, and in the weeks we have before playoffs, we’re going to improve on that and play aggressively so we should be ready by then.

This interview was conducted with the assistance of Tyler Erzberger and has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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