Cloud9 stay alive in fight for seventh with win over TSM

by theScore Staff Jul 26 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games / Riot Games

With their LCS lives on the line, Cloud9 played one of their best games of the split to find the victory over the slumping Team SoloMid.

A misstep by Balls in the lane swap allowed Team SoloMid to wrap around behind the Tier 1 towers and pick him off before he could reach safety for First Blood. But Cloud9 got the better of the lane swap, coming out ahead in farm, finding a kill of their own onto Dyrus and taking down the first dragon.

With so much on the line for both teams, the match settled into a more measured pace with both teams happy to farm up their carries and trade objectives here and there. Cloud9 destroyed all of the Tier 1 towers to take a 2.5k gold lead while TSM evened the dragon count, but otherwise there was no further kills heading past the 20 minute mark.

Things changed with the second spawn of dragon when a great Flash-Tibbers from Lustboy allowed TSM to clean up two kills and pick up the objective. Despite the small win for TSM, Cloud9 still led in gold.

With Hai's Sated Devourer-Blade of the Ruined King Shyvana coming online, Cloud9 decided to start off the Baron. Although TSM arrived to contest, C9 burned the objective down quickly and prepared for the fight.

Another excellent stun from Lustboy got the fight started off right for TSM, but Cloud9 landed a Shockwave wombo-combo to turn the skirmish on its head and give Sneaky the resets needed to clean up the rest of TSM.

With the first solid lead of the match, Cloud9 didn't waste any time in grouping around the bottom lane and pushing the base. TSM tried to wrap around behind them with a death-bush trap, but Cloud9's lead was too great and Sneaky capped off the fight and the game with a Triple Kill.

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