Team Liquid take down Team Impulse in epic showdown

by theScore Staff Jul 26 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Skye Bui / theScore eSports

Team Impulse held on valiantly, but in the end Team Liquid found the win in one of the best games of the season so far.

A roam by Xpecial and IWillDominate into the mid lane meant First Blood went over to FeniX without any issues. The lanes settled into a bit of an odd setup with Apollo solo top against Quas and Impact taking the role of AD carry alongside Adrian in the bottom lane.

The game opened up after a tower dive bottom lane ended in a four-for-one to Liquid plus the dragon, putting them a solid 2k in the lead. Team Impulse fought back with Rush setting up a few kills, but Liquid pulled further and further ahead after another two-for-nothing tower dive, this time in the top lane.

Trying to pull themselves back into, Team Impulse over-chased straight into a disastrous fight that ended with Liquid walking away with four more kills and the mid lane Inhibitor turret at only the cost of FeniX's life.

With their gold lead pushing 6k, Liquid baited the Baron and successfully picked off Gate. Using the power play, Liquid destroyed the exposed mid lane Inhibtior and secured their second dragon of the game. Once again moving to Baron, Liquid won another scattered fight and took the objective as their reward.

However, Team Impulse managed to pull out the miracle team fight despite the massive deficit thanks to fantastic play from Adrian and Impact, completing the Ace and staying alive.

Pushing forward out of their base, TiP was still down by about 3k gold but had managed to stall out what looked to be an inevitable loss. Moments later, another team fight broke out near the dragon pit. Once again, TiP just barely pulled out the win to complete their second come back ace and bring the game back to dead even.

A catch onto Quas spelled Baron for TiP, and with the power play they were able to take Baron, clean up a handful of towers and secure a 5k gold lead for the first time.

With the momentum turning, Liquid knew they needed to do something fast. Setting a trap and finding a pick onto Gate, Liquid found their opening to destroy all three of TiP's Inhibitors. Unfortunately the play cost Quas his life, which meant the Baron went over to TiP.

Regrouping, Liquid carefully started to seige the base. With waves of Super Minions building up and Liquid on the verge on victory, Impact made the play to once again hold off TL with two kills.

With 50 minutes on the clock and gold completely irrelevant, the first clean team fight victory would win it. A crazy fight started in the mid lane which spanned all over the map, and although it was a four-for-three to Liquid all of the major carries were dead for both sides which meant the game couldn't be finished.

Recovering immediately, Liquid snuck away the Baron before TiP could respond. Taking two Inhibitors with their buff, Liquid was once again in the driver's seat but with the game balancing on a knife's edge.

Deciding to make a play near the dragon, Team Impulse committed too many members to the objective. With IWillDominate, Quas and Xpecial keeping TiP busy, FeniX and Piglet rushed into the base and put and end to the epic slug-fest.

Nicholas Doucet is a News Editor for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.