Cloud9 save season, beat Team 8 in tiebreaker for seventh

by theScore Staff Jul 26 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Completing their late season surge, Cloud 9 took down Team 8 in the seventh place tie-breaker to hold onto their LCS spot and earn their shot to play at Worlds.

Both top laners got involved early, Teleporting down to the bottom lane for a 3v3 that went into Cloud9s favor and gave Sneaky the First Blood. The action continued to be centered on the bottom of the map, with Sneaky abusing his Enchanted Crystal Arrow to find another kill onto Dodo8 and putting Cloud9 ahead by a little over 1k gold at the 12 minute mark.

Cloud9 continued to build their lead by shoving up the waves constantly and whittling down the Tier 1s top and mid lane. Despite the deficit Team 8 made the fights extremely close, rallying around Golgenglue's excellent Shockwaves to find even trades and reclaim some of the gold they were behind.

However, a jungle invade by Cloud9 put Team 8 back on the defensive, and after successfully finding two kills onto Porpoise8 and CaliTrololz8 as a result Baron went over to C9.

Not wasting any time, Cloud9 dove the top lane Tier 2 and picked up three kills. With the buff and the numbers advantage to Cloud9, the rest of Team 8 could only watch as their top lane Inhibitor went down.

With their lead pushing 8k, Cloud9 slowly but surely crushed the life out of Team8 through vision control and a 4-1 split push. Playing it patient, Cloud9 cleared the map of the remaining objectives, including their third dragon.

After a few minutes, Baron was back on the map and Cloud9 was in position to take it. But before they could start the objective, Team 8 wandered recklessly into the jungle and fell prey to Cloud9, who were lying in wait. A clean Ace later, Cloud9 closed out the game to complete their late-season comeback, finish the season in seventh place and send Team 8 into relegation.

Nicholas Doucet is a News Editor for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.