Team Impulse smash Gravity, take third place in tiebreaker

by theScore Staff Jul 26 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Impact continued his sensational day, helping Team Impulse bring Gravity down to earth in the tiebreaker battle for third.

A great decision by Rush to take his Red Buff quickly and solo invade paid off big-time when he found Move very low at his own Blue Buff. With Adrian collapsing, Rush stole away the buff and was able to secure the First Blood onto the fleeing Move to put TiP ahead early.

Gravity tried to use their global presence to find a pick onto Rush, but a Teleport from Impact and a roam from Gate turned the gank around into a two-for-one to TiP. Continuing to snowball, Impact found a solo kill onto Hauntzer while the rest of his team took dragon.

With his lead, Rush was relentless in stealing away all of Move's jungle and making his presence felt across the map. Whenever Gravity tried to make a play, the members of TiP were in position to either immediately answer back with a kill or an objective.

Gravity showed some signs of life, punishing Rush for another solo invade and picking up their first dragon. Immediately after, some great kiting by Altec and Keane turned what looked into an unwinnable skirmish into a two-for-three trade.

However, Gravity was still significantly behind and continued to lose in most major team fights, putting TiP 10k ahead as 22 minutes. Growing desperate, Gravity tried to set up five-man trap into which Impact fell. However he was far, far to tanky to be taken down and during the attempt Apollo and Rush were split pushing, ultimately taking the bottom lane Inhibitor and one of Gravity's Nexus turrets.

Grouping around mid, Team Impulse destroyed the Inhibitor tower and in the resulting fight claimed two more kills. With the numbers advantage, the Baron buff and a ridiculous gold advantage, there was nothing Gravity could do to stop Impulse from taking the win with one last team fight.

Team Impulse is now locked into third and will face Dignitas in the first round of the playoffs, while Gravity slip from first to fourth in one day to book a date with Team SoloMid.

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