Team Liquid finish first overall with tiebreaker win over CLG

by theScore Staff Jul 26 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

It was a long time coming, but Team Liquid end the regular season in first place with a dominant win over Counter Logic Gaming.

A great Death Sentence from Xpecial set up IWillDominate and Piglet perfectly to pick up First Blood only a few minutes into the match. Team Liquid continued to build a modest lead, but CLG recognized they had the stronger early game push and grouped to take down two Tier 1 towers.

CLG officially brought the game back to even, using their global presence to catch out IWillDominate and take a two-for-one fight. A few minutes later the first full team fight went four-for-one into CLG's favor with Pobelter going huge, pulling out Gold Card after Gold Card to lock down the members of Liquid.

Undeterred, Liquid grouped in the bottom lane and started to pressure the Tier 2. CLG tried to start out the fight, but a pixel-perfect hook by Xpecial right onto Pobelter as he ported in meant that Liquid immediately took the upper hand and walked away with a four-for-nothing, reclaiming the gold lead.

Baron was the next point of focus, and both teams danced around it but were not willing to risk starting the objective. However bold move by CLG send Xpecial back to the fountain the hard way and put Piglet very low. Starting the Baron, CLG looked to have the upper hand until Liquid collapsed, picking up a three-for-nothing fight and snaking away the objective.

Now 5k gold ahead and with their buff as well, Liquid took down the top lane Inhibitor while CLG could only stand by and watch. Moving to the mid lane, a hook onto Doublelift launched another fight that Liquid won, but walked away from too low to continue the push.

With their lead mounting, one final team fight in the jungle was all it took for Liquid to close out the game.

For the first time in NA LCS history, a team other than Team SoloMid or Cloud9 ends the regular season at number one. Team Liquid and CLG both secure first round playoff byes and a trip to Madison Square Gardens, but Liquid is crowned the victor and takes first overall.

Nicholas Doucet is a News Editor for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.