Quas on Team Liquid's first place finish and who he expects to face in the playoffs

by theScore Staff Jul 27 2015
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After Team Liquid claimed first place with a win over Counter Logic Gaming, Quas spoke to theScore eSports about finishing the split in first place and who he expects to play in the playoffs.

After so many splits filled with struggles on both Curse and Liquid, how does it feel to know you can finally say be in first place?

It's definitely a new feeling. Before we were always complacent with just making it to the next split but now we’re first and there's is a lot more pressure on us to keep performing. So I really like the feeling of just being on top of the North American ladder and I expect to keep it up.

Securing the bye must have taken a huge weight off your shoulders. What was the reaction from the team and coaches, Liquid beating CLG.

It was pretty chaotic. We all just jumped out of our chairs and we were filled with adrenaline and joy. So it was definitely a good win and a hell of a game to get it. It felt pretty good

How about you personally? How did you feel about the win?

For me it was pretty exciting because it's a new opportunity for me to go and explore more. Like we’re going to New York, I’ve only been in the west coast in regards to the United States, so going to New York will be pretty exciting for me. Also playing at Madison Square Garden will be pretty big deal for me.

You beat your two main rivals, TiP and CLG, today and Gravity has been experiencing a late-season slide. Heading into the playoffs who do you expect to show up and challenge you guys?

I think Team SoloMid is definitely going to be stronger than they have shown in this split. I think with the two weeks that they'll get to prepare for the playoffs, that they’ll get their stuff together and just perform. I don’t expect them to play badly and play a fast series against Gravity. I think they’ll come out on top so I’m preparing to play against TSM in the finals and other than that, I think CLG is really strong, so i think those two teams will be the best.

Do you have anything prepared for the best-of-fives? Any secret strats you haven't had to pull out yet?

Yeah, I have some secret picks on my own that we’re going to use in the playoffs.

Looking back on the past two splits, what's helped you develop as a team and as individuals? Was there a key moment that helped you go from third to first between then and now?

I think it's more of getting used to playing as a team. I think when FeniX started out on the team, he had some nerves on him and then he got better and for the rest of us, make sure to just communicate and be focused in games. I think that's really important and it's something we’ve developed and our practices have been pretty good so I think those are all the factors

Will we ever see the famous Quas Poppy and Swain again?

No, absolutely not. Haha

This interview was conducted with the assistance of Nicholas Doucet and has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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