Diamondprox on the Summer split and FORG1VEN's ban

by Daniel Rosen Aug 1 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of EU LCS / LCS Screengrab

Danil "Diamondprox" Reshetnikov thinks that Konstantinos "FORG1VEN" Tzortziou deserved the ban Riot handed him on the second last week of the EU LCS summer split, but also says the ban caused him more problems than Riot may have intended.

"Though I was sure, that Forg1ven got his punishment absolutely deserved," he said in a post on his Facebook page. "Why, if you warn the organisation about probable suspension of one of their players 3 weeks before, the decision about this is made two days before the games?"

Diamondprox went on to say that the period between when Riot banned FORG1VEN and Gambit's next game was not enough time to secure visas for substitue players. On top of that, he said that while Riot's intention was to punish the player and not the organization, it was Gambit that suffered, not FORG1VEN.

Instead, Diamondprox offered his own solution: banning the player in question at the beginning of the next split, rather than at the end of the current one.

"To punish the player, not the organization, you can ban him convenient for the team, but inconvenient for the player (for example, the beginning of the next split), or find a more appropriate form of punishment," he said. "I absolutely do not agree with the time they chose to make this decision and therefore with their reasoning, but I'm just a player - not in my power to change something in this case."

The problems didn't end there for Gambit, as the aformentioned visa issues began to crop up, on top of some of their subs not being told not to play by their current teams.

"The day before first game we learned that 2 of our subs can't come because their organizations didn't let them and Genja has no visa," he said. "The best option was to take Moopz (main support) as an ADC and pray. We swallowed this situation. Trained as much as we could after Moopz arrived in GH, and went to play the most important games of this season."

Gambit lost both of their week ninth games, ending the split in eighth place on the standings with a 7-11 record. Diamondprox says that he thought they had an advantage in their first game, against Elements, and the loss demoralized the team.

He went on to say that H2k was a stronger opponent, and Andrei "Odoamne" Paschu's careful play stopped Gambit from ever getting started.

"Odoamne was playing supersafe after dying a couple of times and under his teammates protection, and our botlane couldn't create enough pressure to dive enemies with Cabo's TP or destroy any tower on their lane," he said. "As a result of it there was no way Cabo could transition his strength, so the advantage we got with him was basically useless."

"Slowly we got crushed by opponent's good vision and map control and we couldn't do much about it given the circumstances."

That loss eliminated Gambit from a clean shot at playoffs so they did what any team in their situation would do: hit the bar.

"After this defeat we lost all our chances on play-offs so we decided to go to a bar to not indulge in grief in gaming house," he said.

But it's not all gloom now. Diamondprox says he's had some time to himself to relax at home, and he's ready to keep fighting.

"Thank you very much to all my teammates for fighting next to me for our last chance of making it to playoffs," he said. "And I hope we will still fight together in the future."

Daniel Rosen is a writer for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.