Smoothie on auto-relegation, playing in LCS and his favorite team in NA

by Daniel Rosen Aug 4 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Skye Bui / theScore eSports

Andy "Smoothie" Ta might play for TDK, but he says that there is at least one other NA LCS team in his heart: Cloud9.

"C9 is probably my LCS team," he said in a reddit AMA. "Great org, great players and one of few teams who stayed as 5 NA players for a LONG time which I highly respect."

He also said that if had to leave TDK and could join any team, he'd pick C9, but that doesn't mean he thinks they're the best team around.

"Strongest team in NA...Maybe right now, TL," he said. "They're looking really strong now that they sorted out all their issues but don't take my word for it."

This split was Smoothie's first playing in the LCS. After he got a hold of the level of play over the first two weeks, things were easier, but that didn't change the fact that the team was playing with subs for half of the split.

TDK ended the summer split in last place. Smoothie says the team will play in the upcoming challenger series, but his plans are still undecided. As for the back half of the split, he said the problems didn't just stem from playing with subs for so long.

"I really think that the primary issues with the team was the immense amounts of pressure that was put on our shoulders from the disappointing first half of the split," he said. "They felt obligated to try to hard carry a game but ended up not going well. In scrims there's no pressure to really perform so scrims went very well so the coach didn't really have a lot of thoughts going into the games. The coach really did help a lot, especially for me since I was a new player. I learned A LOT from him and can't thank him enough."

And when they started winning, Smoothie says things got better.

"Our first win against DIG when our main roster was finally assembled," he said. "It was the best feeling EVER!"

And the 2-0 week?

"Everyone was happy that we won those games of course, but in the end we were still auto-relegated so the happiness was short lived."

As for how he feels about his first LCS experience ending with a last place finish, Smoothie says it's not all that bad.

"This was the first team that I ever joined and even though the season didn't go as well as I hoped, I have no regrets," he said. "I've come extremely far in such a short time as a player and I hope to make use of what I learned in the near future."

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