Origen beat H2K-Gaming 3-1 in EU LCS semifinals

by theScore Staff Aug 15 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

It was a convincing set of games for Origen, as they smashed H2K-Gaming to advance to the EU LCS Summer finals in their debut split.

Origen will play against the winner of tomorrow's Fnatic-Unicorns of Love series to not only determine who will be crowned as the European champion, but also who will qualify for Worlds. As for H2K, they drop down to the third place match and will have a chance to earn some valuable championship points.

Game 1

The lane swap was incredibly even, with equal amounts of farm, turrets and kills going over to either side. However, H2K had all the pressure with their early-game focused team, shoving up all the lanes constantly. In exchange, Origen secured the first two dragons of the match.

At 15 minutes, the teams were separated by only 100 gold, trading objectives back and forth across the map but not committing to anything too major up until that point. The first significant engagement took place in the middle lane when Origen over chased trying to get a kill for Ryu, allowing H2K to collapse. Things looked really good at first for H2K, but Amazing saved the fight for Origen and when the dust settled it was a 2-for-2.

The game broke open after a massive blunder by loulex cost H2K three of their members. With Origen moving to the Baron, Odoamne and kaSing did their best to stop the objective from going down and managed to kill Niels, but eventually, Origen completed the Ace and took the buff.

With the first major lead of the game and Baron empowered minions on their side, Origen started a split push that allowed them to clean up most of H2K’s outer towers, taking a commanding gold advantage. H2K did their best to wrestle back map control, trying a few desperate initiations, but Origen was snowballing out of control and won fight after fight.

The last straw came when H2K contested the second spawn of Baron: not only did they lose the fight and the buff, but the game right after.

Game 2

Just like in Game 1, both teams played the early game rather cautiously. Origen came out ahead in the lane swap with a significant cs lead for Niels and First Blood for Amazing, while H2K had to settle for just the dragon.

Origen built on their momentum in the bottom lane, collapsing with all five members to punish Hjarnan and kaSing, who were trying to take the Tier 1 tower. Some whiffed ultimates from H2K allowed Origen to walk away with two kills and the dragon without losing a single member in exchange.

After moving around the map and taking down a handful of H2K’s towers, Origen were in firm control thanks to a 4k gold lead at the 20 minute mark. H2K fired back with a split-pushing Tristana, taking a few towers of their own.

A catch on xPeke gave H2K the opening they needed to try and get back in the game, and they quickly grouped in the mid lane for a push. However, Origen reacted quickly, starting up a split push of their own, trading their mid lane Inhibitor for H2K’s top lane Inhibitor.

Both teams converged on Baron as the next major point of contention, with several fights breaking out around the objective. In the first one, H2K and Origen traded evenly 2-for-2 with neither side taking the buff. But, in the second fight a few minutes later, a Charm by xPeke onto Hjarnan and some great protection for Neils allowed Origen to win the fight and claim the Baron.

Starting up a split push, Origen methodically destroyed the mid and top lane Inhibitors. H2K held on for dear life, but eventually the flood of super minions and Origen’s 10k gold lead was simply too much to handle.

Game 3

This time, both teams opted into standard lanes which were close in farm across the board. The trend of the series continued as Origen was always in position to get advantages out of the map and counter whatever H2K was trying to do. For example, a catch onto Amazing by Odoamne and loulex was quickly turned on its head when Mithy and sOAZ responded in time, which meant Origen took a 2-for-0

Thing went from bad to worse for H2K after Ryu tried to get a solo kill onto xPeke in the mid lane. Although he managed to secure the kill, the rest of Origen collapsed and cleaned up two H2K members in response. However, heading into the mid game, H2K managed to claw back within a few hundred gold thanks to a handful of unanswered kills of their own.

The momentum was quickly turning in H2K’s favor, as they constantly roamed in packs and invaded the jungle, finding more stray Origen members. Ryu was becoming a split pushing menace, killing Niels solo a few times and destroying the bottom lane Tier 2.

H2K officially turned the tables with a fight near dragon that ended with a Triple Kill for Hjarnan, the Ace for H2K, and the Baron buff as a reward. Now holding a 4k gold lead, H2K didn’t waste any time in grouping up to charge down the mid lane before diving the base, grabbing a handful of kills and destroying the mid and bottom lane Inhibitors.

From there, there was nothing Origen could do to hold off H2K, and one final team fight sealed the deal.

Game 4

For the second game in a row, both teams started off in standard lanes. However, Origen came out on top after finding a pair of kills in the mid and top lanes thanks to ganks by Amazing. H2K got on the board with a tower dive in the bottom lane that netted them two kills and the tower, but Origen responded with a kill, a tower and a dragon across the map in exchange.

Origen was the first team to group up early, pushing down the bottom lane with confidence. Before H2K could respond, Origen had taken both outer towers. When H2K finally showed up, Origen easily cleaned up the fight 3-for-1.

Now with a 2k gold lead, Origen continued to move as a team, pressuring Tier 2 towers, finding a few kills here and there and gaining deep vision on H2K’s side of the map. The game started to snowball out of control in Origen’s favor after a skirmish in the bottom lane, which started as a 3v2 to H2K, and ended in a 3-for-0 to Origen. With the team fight win, Origen secured the Baron buff and their third dragon.

With nearly an 8k gold advantage and the buff on their side, Origen bullied their way into H2K’s base and destroyed the top lane Inhibitor. H2K tried desperately to defend what little of their structures remained, but Origen made no mistakes in closing out the series and advancing to the EU LCS summer grand final.

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