Fnatic bring down Origen 3-2, win European LCS Finals

by Keith Capstick, Daniel Rosen Aug 23 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Twitch

Fnatic came into their playoff series against Origen undefeated in the LCS, but after a shocking loss in the first game, the EU LCS finals turned into a series where anything could happen. After a hard-fought back-and-forth, Fnatic came out on top as the European LCS champions.

Game 1

A late game focused team comp for both teams saw them hit the rift slowly looking to beef up their respective carry picks. The teams traded towers during the early lane swap and Fnatic's Tristana and Origen's Gangplank were getting off to the start they needed to scale late.

Origen caught their opponents off-guard by swapping though, which gave them a momentum advantage that allowed them to secure the game's first dragon.

Origen identified a weakness in Huni early on and looked to be targeting him for early picks. Soaz took him down for First Blood in the top lane, and It looked like Fnatic would need to start putting mid game pressure on Origen because Soaz and his Gangplank was looking to be unstoppable late.

At the 17 minute mark, Origen had opened up a 1k gold lead and Soaz was up almost 70 CS in the top lane, and they had already secured five turrets.

Here, the teams met in the mid lane and Fnatic secured a key kill which they then leveraged to put more pressure on Origen's turrets. Despite being behind Fnatic showed an ability to keep up in combat.

But Origen's hyper scaling top lane and mid lane picks would prove to be too much for Fnatic here as they opened up their gold lead to 8k and transitioned straight into a Baron.

Fnatic came into the game with a 22 game win streak, but with Origen's comp snowballing into an inhibitor turret and their fourth dragon things looked grim for Fnatic.

After Soaz nearly took down the entire Fnatic base on his team-mates joined him to lock up Game 1 and put Origen on a path for an upset.

Game 2

Headed into Game 2 the key match-up looked to be Soaz and his Olaf pick versus Huni countering with the Gangplank Origen used so well in the first game.

Once again it was the underdog Origen who started out in the lead after catching Huni making a mistake trying to dive a tower early for First Blood and Fnatic was back on their heels again.

Unlike Game 1, the teams looked to be prioritizing combat engagement early and forcing tower dives to put pressure on their opponent and look to capitalize on their mistakes. Clean skirmishing looked to be a key to victory early.

And clean skirmishing would be what clawed Fnatic back into this one, as they caught Amazing in a failed flash and were able to capitalize with four kills on Origen. This would be Fnatic's chance to finally start some tower pressure and secure a gold advantage.

The teams hit the 18 minute mark nearly tied in gold, while Origen were still clinging to their objective advantage.

That advantage would eventually dissolve on the strength of impressive team fighting prowess from Fnatic as they ripped through the Origen comp here and pushed their gold lead to 9k.

Despite losing Game 1 and starting slow Fnatic was beginning to look like the 22-0 Summer Split team they've been for the last two months.

Fnatic would roll to a Game 2 victory as Rekkles' Tristana was too much to handle going late and the series was even 1-1.

Game 3

The game kicked off immediately, as Huni capitalized on an early gank from Reignover's Elise to kill Soaz for First Blood. Reignover kept on roaming between lanes, and forced Origen to use up Flashes over and over again.

It paid off big for Fnatic when Origen cornered YellOwStaR in the bottom lane, but didn't have any way to escape when Reignover and Febiven jumped into lane and ripped though Niels and Mithy.

Fnatic secured the first dragon of the game at 12 minutes, then dipped into the bottom lane to kill Niels and take the outer turret. But Origen's comp was designed to be strongest in the mid-game, and they found that strength when Huni and Reignover jumped Mithy, but used up too many abilities and were left defenceless when Niels and Amazing came in to mop them up, trading one death for two kills.

But Fnatic was still ahead in kills, and gold, and when Origen set up the second dragon of the game, Fnatic shredded through them, trading Rekkles for dragon. But Origen shot right back, killed Reignover and Huni during their escape, and took another tower.

Origen took the opening to push further down the mid lane, and took down an inhibitor turret before retreating. During the chase, Huni landed Chum the Waters on Niels, taking him out of the fight, before Rekkles jumped in and sniped Mithy and xPeke from out of base.

Another team fight kicked off in the Baron pit, where the teams traded junglers before disengaging. Reignover respawned in time to take Fnatic's third dragon, but Origen came in swinging and killed him once again before moving to Baron.

xPeke put up Emperor's Divide to stop Fnatic from interfering, and helped his team secure Baron, but he couldn't stop Febiven and Huni from killing every other member of Origen.

Origen made a push on the open inhibitor in Fnatic's base, but they just weren't ready for Rekkles. His Tristana moved in and Rocket Jumped all over Origen, dropping them one by one for the Pentakill.

Origen was effectively crushed, and let Fnatic walk all over them for the rest of the game. Fnatic took their fourth dragon and the second Baron completely unopposed, while Soaz desperately tried to fend off Huni's Fizz in the top lane.

His aggressive push worked, and the rest of Fnatic joined Huni to take the inhibitors, the nexus turrets, and their second game of the series.

Game 4

Fnatic drafted an unexpected comp, with Tahm Kench tanking in the bottom lane and Reignover playing his first jungle Nidalee of the split. Origen decided to prioritize YellOwStaR as fast as possible, as Amazing jumped on him, killed Tahm Kench for First Blood, and hopped out.

Amazing kept his streak rolling, and picked up two more kills on Huni and Reignover in the top lane before Fnatic responded by killing Soaz. Things slowed down as the team traded objectives, with Origen taking a tower and Fnatic killing a dragon.

Fnatic engaged Origen in the mid lane, and while Origen attempted to disengage, they chased down by Rekkles' javelins and lost Mithy and Soaz. The kills gave Fnatic the gold lead, and the opening to take two more turrets and tie up the game.

After a shaky start, Fnatic found their momentum and started a push on Origen's towers, spreading them thin. Fnatic took another two towers, then cornered xPeke in the mid lane, where YellOwStaR popped Abyssal Voyage for the kill.

Fnatic used the momentum to secure Baron before Origen could even make it to the pit. Origen turned tail and ran to take the inner mid lane turret, but Fnatic took two turrets of their own, and started a push into the blue base.

Fnatic sieged an inhibitor turret for as long as they could; Origen's defence kept it standing, but it wasn't enough to stop Fnatic's assault. They take the Baron, but Origen was ready this time. They bulled Fnatic off of Baron, and sent Soaz to the mid lane to take an inhibitor turret. Fnatic killed Baron though, and chased Origen off, trading their turret for a buff.

Origen couldn't defend through the entire Baron buff this time. Gangplank's Powder Kegs shredded through their defence and let Fnatic take an inhibitor turret. Origen kept pushing up to the red base, but were forced to retreat every time without taking down an inhibitor, while Fnatic secured their third Baron of the game.

But a big kill on Huni from Niels gave Origen the opening they needed. The 90-second respawn timer let Origen take their fourth dragon, and make things look very even as they pushed on Fnatic's mid lane inhibitor yet again and finally took it at the 45-minute mark.

Origen shoved the lane further into the nexus turrets, but Huni's Powder Kegs forced yet another retreat before they could take both. Niels brought down Reignover, which let his team kill their fifth dragon and secure Aspect of the Dragon before they secured Baron.

Niels led Origen's final push into base, distracting Origen with a fight in the top lane while Soaz took another inhibitor. Niels' team joined up and took the last inhibitor before they ripped through Fnatic and forced game five of the series.

Game 5

Both teams started off by trading objectives, sending four-man squads to take outer turrets while their mid landers danced around each other. An attempted gank in the bottom lane from Reignover went far south very fast though.

He killed Niels for First Blood with some help from Huni and YellOwStaR, but Soaz answered right back with a Triple Kill on all three of them.

Fnatic answered back by killing Soaz, Niels and Mithy, but Origen secured two more towers along with the first dragon of the game; their late-game comp found a way to control the early game.

Origen kept the pressure up, but they couldn't handle Fnatic's aggressive plays. They pushed in the mid lane, killed xPeke and Mithy, and took down their third turret.

Fnatic used the opening to secure vision in the Baron pit, but there were too many members of Origen around for them to go in. After taking down Amazing, Fnatic secured the Baron, but lost Huni and YellOwStaR for the trouble.

Both teams pushed in on each others' bases, but it was Origen that quit the base race first. Fnatic higher damage output let them take out an inhibitor turret, and Origen got nothing as they raced back to push Fnatic away.

YellOwStaR killed Mithy and Niels, which gave Fnatic the opening to take their second Baron. They made one more push into the red base, and jumped onto xPeke. He tossed out Emperor's Divide to save himself, but YellOwStaR's Tibber's went right around to take him out, and give Fnatic their first inhibitor.

Origen committed to pushing Fnatic's mid lane inhibitor, but Rekkles took out an inhibitor and a turret in the top lane, forcing a recall. Origen wasn't fast enough though, as Rekkles got out unscathed.

Fnatic made a push on Baron the second it spawned, and secured it moments after. With one inhibitor left, Fnatic made yet another push into base, and slammed right into Origen in the bottom lane.

Reignover overextended and went down first, while xPeke's Emeperor's Divide cut Huni off from the rest of his team and took his life as well. Fnatic was forced to retreat without taking a single objective.

But Fnatic wanted the series over. With one last push, Huni picked up a triple kill before retreating. The rest of his team came in to mop up for the ace, the game, and the series.