OMG's Gogoing, Loveling, and Cloud announce their retirement

by theScore Staff Sep 11 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of LPL / CGA.CN

In posts on their weibos, OMG's Gao "Gogoing" Diping, Yin "Loveling" Le, and Hu "Cloud" Zhenwei all announced their respective retirements.

As a group, the core players of OMG, Gogoing, Loveling, and Yu "Cool" Jiajun have been together since September of 2012 when Loveling joined the roster. OMG brought the art of the pick composition to Chinese League of Legends along with Guo "san" Junliang and Ouyang "pomelo" Weiqi.

Gogoing has been known for a variety of champions during his career, especially Renekton and Ryze. He retired today with a 26-3 all time record on Renekton. He's been with OMG since their formation in early 2012 before the acquisition of Noah's Ark.

In his statement, Gogoing said he had considered retirement during 2014, but didn't want to let his fans down. During this year, it was noted that he struggled to keep up his practice regimen.

Loveling has been known as one of the most successful role swapping players in the history of League of Legends, having played most notably support and jungle. As a support, he was known best for his hard engage style, and as a jungler he excelled as a duelist, having stated that is favorite champion is Lee Sin.

The change of the meta to Cinderhulk marked the initial decline of Lovelng's form. Lately, Loveling has released a lot of reflective long weibo posts hinting at his possible retirement. Neither his announcement, nor Gogoing's come as a surprise.

Cloud's announcement was more unexpected. Cloud debuted as OMG's support in Summer of 2014, but was swapped out later that summer for Fang "Dada7" Hongri after accounts of internal disagreements among OMG members. He returned to the squad following the 2014 World Championship Group Stage during OMG's infamous 3-0 of NaJin White Shield. The team then lost to Star Horn Royal Club 2-3 in the semifinals.

Cloud made appearances this Spring playing for OMG, but after a strong start, the team ultimately failed to win a single game in Playoffs. He's best known for his Thresh play, having made the statement "first pick me Thresh, and I'll carry" in the past and garnering frequent bans.

Cloud's weibo post stated that he regretted he was unable to return to the team and cannot meet his own expectations. The post mentioned that he may consider returning again, but for now he is retiring.

This year was unexpectedly rough for OMG, and it seemed the team never quite found their synergy. In the last games OMG played during 2015 National Electronic Sports Tournament Qualifiers, only Cool represented the star-studded Chinese squad fans expected to see at the beginning of the year. Gogoing, Loveling, nor Jian "Uzi" Zihao accompanied him in the 1-2 loss to LGD Gaming.

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