Everything you need to know about the 2015 World Championship

by theScore eSports Staff Sep 21 2015
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Sixteen of the world’s best teams will battle it out for the prized Summoner's Cup this October.

Taking place across Europe, the 2015 World Championships are poised to take the eSports world by storm. The first leg will take place in Paris where fans will gather at Le Dock Pullman to watch the group stages unfold. The tournament will then make its way to London for the quarterfinals, where teams will compete for the chance to solidify themselves as a Top 4 team at the SSE Arena Wembley. Brussels will then play host to the semifinals, where two teams will make history by becoming the 2015 World Championship finalists at the Brussels Expo. To conclude the tournament, the Grand Finals will take place at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin on Halloween.

Group Stage Day 4

  • KOO Tigers discuss growing as a team and the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents in Group A

  • TSM's Dyrus on Worlds: 'it's not about who's the best, it's about who can become better'
  • Balls on Group B: 'We know the strength of each team now so it makes it a lot easier to go in to our next game'
  • paiN's Dioud on Group A: 'everyone can beat everyone, and we showed that [Sunday]'

  • RooKie on iG: '...I'm really worried for the three games that are about to come'

  • Niels: 'I don’t feel like there’s pressure on me to perform, maybe there is now that we’re 3-0'

Group Stage Day 3

  • Wolf on Fnatic: 'I can...confidently say that YellOwStaR is one of the top of the Top 3 for sure'
  • AN on playing at Worlds: 'After two days, we understand the meta better'

  • loulex on Worlds: 'I think I still have a lot to prove'

  • Nagne on playing LGD: 'I didn't consider GODV a threat'

Group Stage Day 2

  • Steak on the competition at Worlds: 'Besides SKT, most western teams are better than Korean [teams]'
  • xPeke on facing LGD: "We were playing and we were realizing that these guys are not gods"

  • Tyler "Fionn" Erzberger's Worlds Daily: The Baguette Backdoor in Paris
  • Ssumday on playing LGD: "If we play our game we have a good chance of winning

Group Stage Day 1

  • LemonNation discusses Veigar, facing ahq and bootcamping in Korea following Cloud9's Day 1 win
  • SKT's MaRin talks about Fiora and his team's upcoming match against EDward Gaming
  • Faker discusses picking Azir, facing EDward Gaming, and chasing his second World Championship title
  • Reignover talks about neutralizing KaKAO and his outlook for the Worlds Group Stage


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International Wildcard

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  • Xmithie's visa issues have been resolved, after CLG's Jungler secured a Paris visa for the 2015 Worlds group stage.
  • How to win at 20: Kelsey Moser looks at whether or not western Worlds teams are behind in playing the early game?

Pre-Worlds Interviews

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