Gragas, Lux and Ziggs disabled for remainder of 2015 World Championship

by theScore Staff Oct 18 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Due to a known and recurring bug, Riot Games have decided to disable Gragas for the rest of the 2015 League of Legends World Championship.

The bug first came to attention in Game 2 of the quarterfinal match between Fnatic and EDward Gaming, which eventually resulted in a complete remake of the game. Although Riot did not specify the nature of the bug in the press release, a bug which makes it impossible to cast Gragas' Barrel Roll (Q), has been the subject of community discussion for some time.

Alongside Gragas, Lux and Ziggs have also been disabled for a similar bug, but neither champion has yet to be selected at the World Championship.

"Having looked into this further and isolated the cause, we now know the bug is more likely to recur than we initially thought. We don’t want to endanger the integrity of the upcoming games or risk additional remakes, so we are are disabling Gragas for the remainder of the tournament," said Hunter ''Riot Hebble" Leigh in a press release. "We know that Gragas has been a high priority pick so far in Worlds and we want to make sure all four teams have the chance to adjust as necessary."

With one week before the semifinals, Fnatic, SK Telecom T1, the KOO Tigers and Origen will all have to adapt their pick-ban strategies now that the Rabble Rouser is out of the picture.

Gragas has been picked or banned in 33 of 63 games so far this World Championship, giving him a 52.3% overall pick-ban rate. Furthermore, Gragas has already been picked nine times in the quarterfinals, five of those coming after the bug forced the remake on Saturday.

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