Counter Logic Gaming release head coach Chris Ehrenreich

by theScore Staff Oct 28 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of CLG

Chris Ehrenreich has been released from his head coaching position with Counter Logic Gaming, the organization announced on Wednesday.

As a part of the press release, CLG indicated that the reason for the decision was with regards to an unspecified activity by Chris which they felt went against their desired culture of strong work ethic, loyalty and trust within the players and staff.

"Unfortunately, there was a deviation from this culture and a breach of trust. While CLG can not delve any further into the matter, the organization believes that a new head coach will be necessary to support the team in the future."

Chris joined the team on May 28, coming to CLG from Clemson University, where he served as a part of the football team's coaching staff.

CLG CEO Devin "Mylexia" Nash also made a statement to add some clarity to the situation. According to Mylexia, CLG and Chris worked diligently together to formulate a plan to improve his standing with the team, but the results were unsatisfactory.

"In time the nature of the issues regarding his performance and conduct became insurmountable," he said in the statement. "It puts me in an awkward position to comment on an issue that, in my opinion, shouldn’t be a public issue. But such is the nature of our world today. A breach of the values that [team president] George [Georgallidis] and I uphold in CLG occurred and a relationship of employment with Chris couldn’t continue."

However, he was also quick to praise the former coach for his role in CLG's successful season, which saw them take first in the North American LCS summer split and appear at the 2015 World Championship.

"Chris was undoubtedly a part of the team’s success this year."

Chris also shed some light on the decision in a Twitlonger post, saying that the decision was for the mutual benefit of himself and the team and that he was accepting of CLG's decision.

"There were several reasons that led to this decision, but the primary one was my failure to conduct myself as a coach in line with CLG’s and my own standards."

He also reflected fondly on his time with the team, and was thankful despite the circumstances of his departure.

"Being given charge of the growth of those young men will have been one of my life's greatest honors. I appreciate the players for buying in and working hard, I appreciate the fans and people in the scene who felt they saw my positive impact on the team, and I will especially always be grateful to CLG for the opportunity to work with such a talented organization."

CLG's next major appearance is only a few weeks away, as the team is set to participate in IEM San Jose on Nov 21 and 22.

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