Freeze announces free agency

by theScore Staff Nov 1 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of n/a / Riot Games Flickr

Ales "Freeze" Knezinek is officially a free agent as of Sunday, Nov 1, the AD Carry announced on Twitter.

The former Copenhagen Wolves AD Carry has long been the source of rumor, with a report by the Daily Dot's Jacob Wolf indicating that Freeze was strongly considering a move to North America and had already received several offers.

The Copenhagen Wolves were auto-relegated from the EU LCS after a miserable summer split which saw them finish last with a record of 4-14. According to former top laner Joey "YoungBuck" Steltenpool, the Wolves were plagued with communication and attitude issues which ultimately led to relegation.

Despite the Wolves' result this year, Freeze is still regarded as a star AD Carry and put up some strong numbers, finishing the summer with a 4.04 KDA and a 70% kill participation. His most impressive games were on Kalista, on whom he never died in three games and holds an 18 KDA.

Freeze is not the first player to jump ship from the Wolves to test the free agency market. On July 25, jungler Ilyas "Shook" Hartsema left the squad, with top laner Kenny "Lenny" Uytterhoeven and support Christophe "je suis kaas" van Oudheudsden also quietly departing the team in early October.

This leaves only Soren "Soren" Frederiksen as the final member of the Copenhagen Wolves, who will need to completely re-tool their roster if they want to participate in the 2016 EU Challeger Series.

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