Loulex leaves H2K Gaming

by Dennis Gonzales Nov 3 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Bryan Helm / theScore eSports

Jean-Victor "Loulex" Burgevin has parted ways with H2K Gaming, the organization announced Tuesday.

It's unknown which team Loulex will be joining after H2K, but he's keeping his options open to Europe, as well as North America.

"I will be looking to join an LCS team in both NA and EUW," Loulex said in the press release.

Loulex has been with H2K for just under a year, joining the team on Nov. 11.

The French Jungler attended the 2015 World Championship as part of H2K, playing six games total. They beat the Bangkok Titans twice, but had no chance against SK Telecom T1 and Edward Gaming and were eliminated during the group stage.

His most picked Champion during Worlds was Gragas, picked three times, but all those games were losses. He did have monstrous game on Lee Sin, with a 16 KDA ratio, but his overall 2.22 KDA ratio is not much to write home about.

It's currently unknown who will be replacing Loulex on H2K's roster.

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