GBM left off Jin Air Green Wings roster for KeSPA Cup

by theScore Staff Nov 5 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of KeSPA

Lee "GBM" Chang-seok has been left off off the Jin Air Green Wings roster for the upcoming KeSPA cup as the full roster list provided by KeSPA was revealed on Thursday.

GBM has been the Jin Air Green Wings mid laner since re-joining the team near the end of 2014. While on the roster, GBM helped the Green Wings place fourth in the 2015 Spring Season and sixth place during the Summer Season. He almost succeeded in making the 2015 World Championships, but fell just short of KT Rolster in the regional finals.

Although unconfirmed, rumors have surfaced that the talented Korean mid-laner could be headed to an LCS team.

The confirmed Jin Air Green Wings roster for the 2015 LoL KeSPA cup is as follows:

  • Yeo "TrAce" Chang-dong (Top)
  • Kim "SoHwan" Jun-young (Top)
  • Lee "Chaser" Sang-hyun (Jungle)
  • Park "Winged" Tae-jin (Jungle)
  • Lee "Kuzan" Seong-hyeok (Mid)
  • Kang "Cpt Jack" Hyung-woo (AD Carry)
  • Na "Pilot" Woo-hyung (AD Carry)
  • Choi "Chei" Sun-ho (Support)
  • Lee "Sweet" Eun-teak (Support)

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