Pobelter on becoming a free agent, the Doublelift transfer and CLG drama

by theScore Staff Nov 9 2015
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The sudden move to a substitute role was unexpected, says former Counter Logic Gaming Eugene "Pobelter" Park in an interview with Gamespot's Travis Gafford.

“It was really surprising to me," explained Pobelter. "I think they just saw the really big amount of effort HuHi was putting in even though he wasn’t getting any play time, and they wanted him to be able to prove that he has what he takes....from their perspective I think they feel that he deserves to play."

In an interview at Blizzcon, Pobelter said that although he was anticipating a change, he was expecting a discussion about splitting the mid lane duties first rather than a full switch to Jae-hyun "HuHi" Choi

"I didn’t think it would be so drastic…” he said.

Speaking on his current status, Pobelter was guarded, but confirmed that he is currently seeking out a new team for the coming season.

“[CLG and I] both mutually agreed that I would probably be more happy just playing for another team instead of being on the bench - so that was nice of CLG. I am looking for a new team now.”

Pobelter also spoke on the recent drama which has surrounded CLG and the transfer of long-time AD Carry Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng to rival squad Team SoloMid, stating that internal issues caused the decision to release Doublelift despite the player's attempts to solve the problems.

“There was no major point of contention, it was just a lot of small stuff that added up I think," he said, referencing a conversation he had with Doublelift a few days before the change. “[I said] it's probably one of you guys is going to end up leaving - you or Aphromoo - and that’s what ended up happening.”

"I think in the end, maybe everyone won. CLG didn’t want to continue with him, and it seems like he’s happier now on TSM. Even TSM benefited and I’m sure CLG benefited too.”

Pobelter briefly touched on his expectations for next year, saying he didn't know what his future held but that past experiences had taught him to be careful when selecting a new team.

“It’s always a dice roll honestly. No matter how good it looks, you never know until you start playing together...A year ago I had seven different LCS offers and I chose Winterfox. I ended up being really really bad even though it looked good at the start. It’s just one of those things you can’t predict I think."

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