Apollo on practicing in Korea, playing with Dignitas, and his favorite champions

by Daniel Rosen Nov 21 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Damian Estrada / theScore

Fresh off his signing on with Team Dignitas' North American LCS team, Apollo "Apollo" Price had a chance to train in Korea, where he says he had a very special experience.

"The biggest thing I learned... well I played with Faker," he told Team Dignitas' Robert "Roscoe" Wery in an interview posted to the organization's site. "I guess that's the highlight of my trip there.

"I guess to be a little more serious, people are so much better over there, there's not really much to it. I played with a lot of the LCK pros and they're really good but they're not too far above everyone else. It's just that they're a lot smarter and execute plays more cleanly. Everyone over there is a lot smarter."

Though, Apollo did say there was one other major difference between North America and Korea: lag.

"The biggest difference between in Korean solo queue was the ping difference," he said. "Playing on 9 ping and then coming back to 60 ping is just sad. It was fun though, definitely a good experience.

"It's something that you need to do though, learning to play on 9 ping and learn how to play with it. At least in NA, you only get to play on 9 ping when you're at the LCS studio, so you never really have the chance to adjust to it fully. I think it was really good for me to play on it for a while and know my limits when playing with such a low ping."

As for his new team, Apollo says that while he doesn't know all of them too well, he's already started getting along with Alan "KiWiKiD" Nguyen and Danny "Shiphtur" Le.

"I know Shiphtur is really good and talented," he said. "Me and Kiwikid get along really well, even though we haven't been on the same team in the past. We've duo'd a couple of times and we actually knew each other from DotA a really long time ago. We played when we were both really young so it's kind of cool just knowing him like that."

But Apollo's team colors aren't the only thing changing as he gears up for the Spring Split. He's also preparing for the new meta, which he says is already stumping him.

"I think that Warlords Bloodlust the mastery is completely stupid and broken," he said. "I do kind of like the diversity with the AD Carries having their own identities which is what Riot wanted, but it's going to take a while for everyone to figure things out so there's a lot of uncertainty. Right now I feel completely lost and hope that others figure it out for me."

But the recent changes didn't just bring new masteries and mechanics into play, they also put newly viable champs into contention for the AD Carry spot. Apollo doesn't think the meta is all too different though, however, he isn't as big a fan of Graves as everyone else seems to be.

"I've seen [Graves] played in the jungle, played top, and there I am in the bottom lane just struggling with him so I stopped playing him," he said. "I like Miss Fortune because her crit with her Q and the Warlord's Bloodlust mastery is really big.

"I like Tristana even though she's kind of stayed the same because she works really well with the new changes. Finally, I like Jinx as well because she's just a solid champion. Those are my favorite three right now."

Daniel Rosen is a news editor for theScore eSports. He's ready for the Poppy 100% pick/ban revolution. You can follow him on Twitter.