OMG part ways with Park Jae-seok and Korean coaching staff

by theScore Staff Nov 23 2015
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OMG have part ways with their coach Park Jae-seok and the entire Korean coaching staff.

In a statement given to, Park said that he was looking for new opportunities and that he and the team went their separate ways on good terms.

"I parted ways with OMG on good terms and without any troubles," said Park. "I want to thank all the players who I've worked with on this very supportive team for the past year."

Following what is known as the "Korean exodus," several Chinese teams opted to import a number of high profile Korean players. OMG however, went a different direction, signing on famed Chinese AD carry, Jian "Uzi" Zi-Hao and fielding an all-Chinese roster.

Although their roster remained an exclusively Chinese lineup, the team decided to hire several Korean coaches the most notable acquisition being Park formerly of STX.

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