Vici Gaming CEO comments on Easyhoon's salary, confirms Heart will play on another LPL team in 2016

by theScore Staff Dec 1 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of OGN / OGN Screengrab

Following the buzz that accompanied Vici Gaming's acquisition of ex-SK Telecom T1 mid laner Lee "Easyhoon" Jihoon, Vici Gaming CEO Lu "HunTeR" Wenjun dismissed the fomos report that claimed Easyhoon would make more than $860,000 USD in 2016. HunTeR also informed fans that ex-Unlimited Potential support Lee "Heart" Gwanhyung, will play in the LPL next year but on a different team.

"Rumors of 5.5 million [RMB ($860,000 USD)]!" HunTeR's statement began, "South Korean media broke the news yesterday after we signed Easyhoon. I want to say that we did not spend so much money to contract Easyhoon. The price is much lower this year than it would have been last year. Many South Korean teams asked me about it, and I'm making this clarification."

HunTeR then went on to say that his negotiations with Easyhoon and SK Telecom T1 were conducted quietly, and Easyhoon himself turned down other offers.

"Easyhoon did not come to China for the money as other clubs quoted higher prices," HunTeR said.

Aside from Easyhoon's salary, fans have been asking about Unlimited Potential's support, Heart. Heart originally came to China as a support player for LSPL team Vici Gaming Potential, a team that became Unlimited Potential when they qualified forthe LPL.

After Unlimited Potential was relegated this summer, many wondered if Heart, who's now 27, would retire. Curiosity increased when Heart did not play in the recent National Electronic Esports Open or National Electronic Esports Tournament, and jungler Xei "Eimy" Dan took up the support role.

HunTeR assured fans that Heart wanted to continue to play and that Vici Gaming helped him find an LPL team.

"My personal relationship with Heart is very good," HunTeR said in his statement. "Because UP was demoted, but Heart wanted to stay in LPL, Vici Gaming has been looking for a new team for him. I can confirm this year he will go to a very good LPL team."

Speculation has already begun as to which LPL team has signed Heart, who performed well in the LPL this summer despite Unlimited Potential's relegation.

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