Condi transfers to WE from Masters3

by theScore Staff Dec 16 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of LPL / WE weibo

Jungler Xiang "Condi" Renjie has transferred from Masters3 to Team WE.

Today, we are pleased to announce that, through friendly consultations, Masters3 Electronic Sports Club jungler Xiang Renjie (ID: M3.Condi) has joined the Team WE Electronic Sports Club's League of Legends division. In the future, his ID will be WE.Condi, and he will participate on behalf of WE in LPL, hoping to help the team achieve good scores!

Team WE weibo, 2015

Condi served as Masters3's third jungler in 2015, but when the team performed well this summer, his kill participation was over 80%. When Masters3 fell from a tie for third place to eighth place in the league, Condi was much less involved in team plays, and his kill participation leveled off at 75.3% at the end of the regular season.

Team WE's current jungler Wang "WuShuang" Haili is still new to competitive play. Yet WuShuang performed well in the National Electronic Sports Tournament, resulting in WE's first title win of the year.

Four players have left Masters3 this offseason, including Condi, He "Soist" Zhihong, Jang "looper" Hyeongseok, and Bae "dade" Eojin. Only bottom laners Xu "PentaQ" Mingshu, Han "SmLz" Jin, He "City" Wei, Li "Lovecd" Junfen, and Tengyang "Ruo" Tianxia remain with Masters3.

As a result, speculation as to whether Masters3's owners may consider selling the team have begun. Masters3 could still, however, complete two strong signings and rotate Ruo back to top lane or jungle before transfer period ends on Dec. 26.

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