EDward Gaming unveil their rosters for 2016 LPL and LSPL

by theScore Staff Dec 24 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Robert Paul / The Score eSports

EDward Gaming posted their full rosters for the 2016 LPL and LSPL season. The announcement also revealed that EDward Gaming have purchased a new spot in the LSPL and will be rebranding their secondary team from "ADG" to "EDE."

The main EDward Gaming roster will participate in the 2016 LPL Summer split. The list of players includes two junglers and two mid laners.

Top: Tong "Koro1" Yang
Jungle: Ming "Clearlove" Kai
Jungle: Zhao "Fireloli" Zhiming
Mid: Heo "pawN" Wonseok
Mid: Kang "Athena" Hawoon
ADC: Kim "deft" Hyukkyu
Support: Tian "meiko" Ye

The official announcement that Athena had joined the team came less than 24 hours before the full roster announcement. Fireloli has served as the multi-role substitute since the team's inception in late 2013. The roster is otherwise consistent with EDward Gaming's main lineup that won the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational.

EDward Gaming also revealed that they have changed the acronym for their LSPL team to EDE from ADG. Though the team previously lost their spot in LSPL Relegations, they have bought another seed into the LSPL. EDward Gaming transferred three of their subs from the 2015 LPL Summer split to EDE and signed new players.

Top: Shek "AmazingJ" Waiho
Jungle: Fan "Avoidless" Junwai
Mid: Kang "BaeMe" Yanghyun
ADC: Xie "Jinjiao" Jinshan
ADC: Qu "Sweet" Ziliang
Support: Yun "Road" Hangil

AmazingJ, BaeMe, and Jinjiao transferred to EDE from EDward Gaming's main lineup in the 2015 LPL. Avoidless has joined EDE after playing for Legend Dragon's LSPL team in 2015. Road is a Korean support player who played for AD Gaming toward the end of their LSPL summer split. Sweet, once an AD carry for LGD Gaming, also joined AD Gaming toward the end of their summer run.

The final roster lists confirmed that Korean top laner, Jeon "Ray" Jiwon has left the EDward Gaming organization. EDward Gaming closed their announcement by revealing that more details about coming changes to the organization will be revealed shortly.

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