ZTR Esports purchases LSPL team King, full roster includes Watch and Ggoong

by theScore Staff Dec 25 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of KeSPA

Zhong Fu Investment & Financing Management Group have purchased the League of Legends Secondary Pro League team, King, and renamed it to ZTR Esports. The purchase occurred on December 5th, 2015, and the group is now ready to unveil their full LSPL roster, which includes ex-NaJin em-Fire players, Cho "Watch" Jaegeol and Yu "Ggoong" Byeongjun.

The roster is as follows:

Top: Fan "Skye" Qifang
Jungle: Cho "Watch" Jaegeol
Mid: Yu "Ggoong" Byeongjun
ADC: Wang "Y4" Nongmo
Support: Zuo "Zzjm" Minghao
Top: Jiang "Cola" Na
ADC Sub: Xue "Ao" Changjun
Support Sub: Dong "SinkDream" Shichun

Skye was an original member of Team King who transferred to Royal Never Give Up. Y4 and Zzjm played for the LSPL team Star Horn Royal Club. Cola, Ao and SinkDream were substitutes for Team King during the 2015 LPL Summer season. Cola played top lane for Star Horn Royal Club when they made the 2014 World Championship finals.

Zhong Fu Investment Group focuses private equity investment, capital management, and consulting. The group has partnered with successful technology firms in Beijing and Shenzhen. Their Venture Capital Group is set to fund the team.

Team King advanced to the LPL by placing first in the 2014 LSPL Summer season. They placed seventh in the 2015 LPL Spring season, but after the roster trade between Royal Club and King, were relegated in the 2015 LPL Summer season.

The announcement indicated that ZTR's management believe that the tenacity of the previous Team King lineup will continue under the club's leadership. Watch and Ggoong will join the team on Dec. 26th to begin practicing for the 2016 LSPL season.

Kelsey Moser is a staff writer for theScore eSports. You can follow her on Twitter.