Lourlo on Team Liquid's 10-man roster: 'It is kind of refreshing to be able to work with so many people'

by Daniel Rosen Jan 4 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Team Liquid

Samson "Lourlo" Jackson will be Team Liquid's starting top laner for week one of the North American LCS, the organization announced Monday.

Lourlo previously played for Counter Logic Gaming Black in the 2015 North American Challenger Series Spring Split, where he played all but one of the games in the split. He'll be joining Team Liquid's new 10-man roster as one of their top laners, replacing Diego "Quas" Ruiz

With the announcement, theScore eSports got a chance to chat with Lourlo about joining Team Liquid, the competition in the LCS, and TL's new 10-man roster.

How does it feel to be on a starting roster in the LCS, considering you're still very early in your competitive career?

Being on a starting roster in the LCS so early in my career is still pretty insane for me, since the only competitive experience I really have is from the one NACS split I played in. Overall, I am just really excited and hoping to prove that I am worthy to be TL's new top laner.

What lessons did you learn in your time in Challenger that you're looking to apply in the spring split?

I'm not really sure if there was any stand out lessons that I got from challenger, but overall the challenger scene helped me develop from the ground up as a player in the competitive scene. In addition, it allowed me to acquire a pretty solid champion pool which I was lacking when I first went into competitive, because I was strictly a solo queue player.

How does it feel stepping into Quas' shoes?

Stepping into Quas's shoes is definitely going to be extremely hard since he was always respected as one of the best top laners in NA, but I think with the experience TL has and the support they have I'll be in top shape in no time.

What do you feel you are bringing to the team?

The main thing I feel like I'm bringing to the team is the drive and hunger a new player has wanting to prove them self in the competitive scene. I think my attitude will also make my teammates really motivated to improve and develop as even better players themselves.

How would you describe your top lane playstyle? How do you find that your particular style fits in with the team?

I would describe my top lane playstyle as pretty aggressive/carry style, but I think since joining TL I'm going to have to resort to a more passive/supportive role in order to give my team the resources they need, and I'm perfectly fine playing either style. I think since I am versatile with my play style it will benefit our team and hopefully give us more options for the future.

What do you think of the new 10-man roster? Do you find it difficult working together with so many people, or is it something you've taken to?

I think the 10 man roster is pretty reasonable it makes me way more motivated and committed to be the best fit for the team, because at the end of the day the best player is going to be on the stage and I'm going to do everything I can to make sure i'm the one on the stage every week. It is kind of refreshing to be able to work with so many people because the more people the more knowledge there is to toss around about the game, allowing everyone to improve at an even faster rate.

What's it like practicing with nine other people? What's the transition moving into that house, and is there any other player in particular you've bonded with? Has language been an issue at all?

It's been pretty cool being able to practice with 9 other people chasing after the same goal, and it just motivates me even more knowing that they want it just as bad as me. The transition moving into the house has been a pretty surreal to me, since it is my first time ever moving out of my house I honestly didn't know what to expect. In terms of bonding with a particular player not really, but the people I have spent the most time with so far has been Smoothie, IWD and Dardoch. When I first started scrimming the language barrier was kind of tough, but easier than I expected it to be and with time I think it will keep getting easier and easier. Even with the language barrier I have been getting along with Piglet and Fenix really well.

What about fielding such a deep roster do you think will help TL tactically in the LCS? Do you think it will be as effective in the best of one format?

I think the main thing about fielding a deep roster increases motivation for the starting players to do well. Furthermore, it could also be used in cases where you would field a certain player in order to counter a certain team/player either in (playstyle or champ picks). For the best of one format I think it will be less effective, but still have an impact on the team's performance.

How would you describe Locodoco's coaching style? What has he brought to the team?

I haven't been able to work closely with Locodoco as much as my other teammates, but from the few things he has helped me with I have noticed he wants the best for both the team and players, and he seems really committed in order to get the team where it needs to be.

How are you taking to TL's increased focus on a large coaching staff, does top lane have a position coach as well? Do you prefer that specificity over the more general coaching you may have received before?

It's been really nice because before this I was apart of a challenger team, and most challenger team's coaching staff is really limited, so having such a big coaching staff is an eye opener for me. As of now top lane does not have a position coach, but maybe in the future. I don't really have a preference, but the more coaching staff the better, at least in my eyes.

This offseason has been pretty crazy for roster moves, what do you think of the new competition in NA? Does it intimidate you as a newer player?

I'm pretty excited for all the new competition in NA, and I think this split is going to be one of the best splits with all the variety on every team. I don't think it really intimidates me if anything it makes me even more excited and motivated to improve, and with all the new talent coming into NA I'll be able to improve at an even faster rate.

Is there another toplaner you really want to get a chance to play against?

Even before Hauntzer went to TSM he has always been player I have been wanting to play against, he has really impressed me in both macro and mechanical play and I definitely look up to him.

Finally, what's your attitude going into week one? You're up against Renegades and TSM, are you feeling confident?

Going into week one I just want to perform and be able to fill whatever my team needs. In terms of playing against Renegades and TSM, I am feeling fairly confident, but at the same time a little nervous because it will be my first time actually playing on stage.

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