EU LCS Week 1 Staff Picks: Fnatic vs. Origen kicks off new season

by theScore eSports Staff Jan 13 2016
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Each week during the EU LCS Spring Season, theScore eSports' League of Legends experts will tap into their inner oracle and offer up selections for each of the week’s games, all the while highlighting several key matchups.

2016 EU LCS Spring Season Records: Kelsey Moser (0-0), Emily Rand (0-0), Nic Doucet (0-0), Lisa Doan (0-0)

Thursday Moser Rand Doucet Doan
ELE vs. G2 G2 G2 G2 G2
H2K vs. Giants H2K H2K H2K H2K
Friday Moser Rand Doucet Doan
G2 vs. ROC G2 ROC G2 G2

Spotlight Matches

Fnatic vs. Origen

Kelsey Moser: Origen are the easy favorites the win this split, retaining the same roster and a powerful AD carry. Fnatic showed obvious problems at IEM Cologne, and there's no guarantee they have worked through them. Origen

Emily Rand: This is a fantastic opener for the EU LCS season. Unfortunately, I think Fnatic won't quite yet have the coordination to stand up to Origen, a team that already showed that plugging in PowerofEvil for xPeke caused next to no problems in overall team synergy. If Fnatic clicks, they may overtake Origen one day, but it's not likely in Week 1. Origen

Nic Doucet: Fnatic still looks unstable with their new roster while Origen should be firing on all cylinders. sOAZ will be a good test for Gamsu and the Spirit and NoXiAK combination will have to contend with the strong duo of mithy and Amazing. This will be a good measure of the power of both teams, but expect Origen to take it. Origen

Lisa Doan: Fnatic underwent drastic roster changes this offseason while Origen pretty much kept theirs intact. Origen has had much more time to practice and as a roster that made it to Top 4 at the last Worlds, I don’t see how they can lose against a Fnatic that’s in the midst of a rebuild. Origen

Splyce vs. Unicorns of Love

Kelsey Moser: I perceive these two teams to have a similar level going into the new season, but Splyce's mostly whole roster may give them a slight edge, especially over a Unicorns of Love whose dynamic without PowerOfEvil is hard to predict. Splyce

Emily Rand: Splyce intrigues me. It's a younger group of talented players which could work out fantastically or implode spectacularly. For now, I'll pick Splyce, in spite of the Diamondprox addition to UoL, since they haven't shown that they have any semblance of infrastructure or in-game strategy. Splyce

Nic Doucet: Even with the addition of Diamondprox, the Unicorns will have to be magical to contend with Splyce's hotshot all-Danish roster. The new EU LCS team will be hungry to prove their worth and start the season off right, and they have the talent to do it, while the Unicorns looked listless at IEM San Jose. Splyce

Lisa Doan: The Unicorns have kept Vizicsacsi and Hylissang — both solid players in their respective roles. The addition of Diamondprox and Steeelback only helps to make them an overall balanced team. Keeping in mind that almost all of Splyce’s players are from Challenger, I think UoL has the advantage of experience on their side. Unicorns of Love

Fnatic vs. Vitality

Kelsey Moser: Though I have reservations about how Vitality will play as a team, Fnatic's weaker top lane and scattered communication are much harder to heal. It's entirely possible that Spirit can still completely body Shook, as I foresee them having similar styles. Vitality

Emily Rand: Oddly enough, I like Vitality's overall roster better than Fnatic's this year, simply because I'm unsure as to how difficult it will be to prod Spirit out of "must carry" mode, which could easily be a detriment to the team as much as it could help them. That being said, prior to both rosters sorting out their respective play styles and synergy, this is the week for Fnatic to take it. Fnatic

Nic Doucet: Vitality have all the tools to deal with Fnatic: an AD carry/support combo who have played longer together and a top laner who can out-carry Gamsu. If Fnatic is to find a foothold in this game, it will be thanks to Spirit and Febiven outplaying Shook and Nukeduck. Otherwise, Vitality should make their mark as a potentially top team this split. Vitality

Lisa Doan: This match is going to be a mess. Vitality has the previous H2K bottom lane and this season, the Hjarnan and Kasing duo might actually be stronger than Fnatic’s bottom lane. But I think Spirit and Febiven will be able to hold their own and swing the game in Fnatic’s favor. Fnatic

H2K vs. Origen

Kelsey Moser: This matchup is my match to watch this week. The clash of two high profile European AD carries with different styles in the current meta will serve for delicious action. Origen have more variety, dimension, and cohesion, so I am betting on them. Origen

Emily Rand: H2K is my favorite roster on paper headed into this split, and no, my affection is not solely born of my love for ex-KT Bullets member Ryu. The Jankos/Vander duo along with Odoamne form a strong backbone, and last, but certainly not least, is FORG1VEN. That being said, I still don't see them working out all of their kinks in time to beat Origen (I picked OG over FNC for similar reasons) who have had more experience and practice time together. Origen

Nic Doucet: The hits keep coming. The AD carry battle will be crucial here, and in the long run with more time to develop H2K can probably take this matchup. But not yet. Origen

Lisa Doan: I’m in the camp that Origen will be the top team in EU this year, with H2K coming in second. H2K has a very solid roster this year in each lane match up, but I think Origen still edges them out in terms of skill. Origen

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