dade and T0M join QG Reapers

by theScore Staff Jan 15 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of LPL / Newbee weibo

Bae "dade" Eojin and ex-SK Telecom T1 jungler Im "T0M" Jaehyeon have officially joined QG Reapers, according to Newbee's weibo.

Following information from Chinese journalists covering the LPL that dade would join QG Reapers and that T0M may also be on the table throughout the week, QG have made the acquisition official. According to a report by Korean journalist Kenzi, dade will begin in the reserve league. Chinese journalist Pijie has suggested that the two will operate as a duo.

Neither player will start for the first match of QG Reapers tonight, as the QG roster from last year was shown at the start of the broadcast. According to the Newbee announcement, however, "the two new Korean players have been settled and have begun to participate in training to prepare for the LPL." It's not clear if or when these players may be worked into the main QG LPL roster or if they will simply play for the recently announced reserve league, starting on Jan. 19.

dade played for Masters3 last year after leaving Samsung Blue. He did not perform to expectations, but played a variety of control mage champions not previously considered part of his pool. T0M trained in SK Telecom T1 as a rookie jungler, but ultimately didn't see a considerable amount of play time next to SKT's primary jungler, Bae "bengi" Seongwoong.

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