LeDuck says Origen wouldn't have a coach if LCS didn't require it

by theScore Staff Feb 15 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Kelsey Moser / EU LCS

In a video interview released Monday by Unikrn, former Origen coach Titus "LeDuck" Hafner spoke up about the difficulty the team have had finding a long-term coach. Hafner alleges that Origen's owner Enrique "xPeke" Cedeño-Martinez is the major reason for coaches being unwilling to stick with the team.

LeDuck, now a coach for Challenger series team Inspire eSports, said in the video that xPeke told him that Origen would not have a coach if Riot Games did not require teams to have one.

"When I left Origen, I asked Peke, 'If Riot didn't force you to have coaches, would you actually have one?' And he told me, 'No,'" LeDuck said. "So that really shows the first problem with keeping coaches on Origen."

Riot Games' official rules require teams to field a general manager, a head coach and at least five starting players (Rule 3.2).

He said coaches working in that environment "have very little authority," because the owner doesn't want them to. For example, they are not able to reward or punish players, he said.

LeDuck also claimed that no one who has coached for Origen so far has had a contract (except potentially Nicolai "Hazel" Larsen, who he was unsure about).

Despite difficulties with Origen's management, LeDuck said players on Origen were not averse to the analytical help coaches bring. When asked about rumors that Origen's roster is "uncoachable," he replied, "They're going to listen to suggestions, they're going to listen to the analysis.

"I think it's stupid for you to say that they're uncoachable," he said. "Actually I really enjoyed working with sOAZ, I thought he was a really cool guy."

The interview also touches on the current standings of the EU League of Legends Championship Series, how Inspire should do against Millenium next week in Challenger, and the new relegation rules.

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