LoL Power Rankings: IEM Katowice

by theScore eSports Staff Mar 11 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Kris Duda / Flickr

This week's League of Legends power rankings were compiled by Tyler "Fionn" ErzbergerKelsey MoserNilu Kulasingham and Matt Demers. Rankings were achieved by consensus, then thoughts were written by each writer separately.

This week we take a look at the teams going into the IEM World Championship in Katowice, Poland.

8. yoe Flash Wolves

Matt: We had a hard time deciding who had the distinction of being last, but the Flash Wolves' performance in the first two games of IEM Taipei was a sticking point for me. Sloppy positioning and indecisiveness don't give me a lot of confidence in them. While WE at least have a region of juggernauts to learn from, the Wolves are actually first in the LMS; that doesn't give me a lot of hope as a whole.

Nilu: I think YFW are a better team than what their ranking indicates, but since South-east Asia/Taiwan region have kind of been irrelevant on the international stages since 2012, it's too difficult to place them any higher. Katowice will be a good test to see weather the LMS has helped at all.

7. Team WE

Fionn: China could have sent more than half of their teams to Katowice and had a chance to at least make the finals, but we got World Elite instead. There are rumors their lineup might be different than it has been in LPL, but Mystic at AD carry will not save them from breaking Spirit's back from carrying their carcases.

Kelsey: WE may or may not be trying to change their name from World Elite to Was Elite. A team could easily ban three of Spirit's main champions in Nidalee, Rek'Sai, and Jarvan IV and roll over this squad. Keep your eyes peeled for Ninja's occasional deathless double digit kill game, but you should be in the clear.

6. Cloud 9

Matt: Cloud 9's spring split hasn't been up to the standards that they've set for themselves in the past, and unfortunately for them they have much tougher competition in this international tournament. They will need to step up in a big way to compete with the KR teams or even SK; I feel like the team is starting to show some chips in their paint.

Kelsey: It may seem strange to place Cloud 9 as the lowest placed Western team, but they've only just started picking up their performance. It might not be surprising to see them advance to bracket stage, but overall we feel they don't shake out well.

5. Gambit Gaming

Nilu: Gambit has had a longer run of strong performances than C9 so hence why we're rating them a bit higher. They look much better with Betsy and have become a consistent force. Diamond will still be their key player and Gambit will live or die by his performance.

Fionn: They are going to be guns blazing this tournament. Every player on their team feels like they can be the key playmaker if given the chance, so the teams in their group will have to put up with a team that's going to push them early and often.

4. Team SoloMid

Matt: TSM's solid season means they naturally float to the top of these standings; some weird games in the last couple weeks have cast some doubt over their once-powerful status, but I'd still lean toward them as stronger than the four teams below them.

Fionn: This is the tournament where the other members on the team not named Bjergsen will have to step up if they want to go far. Bjergsen can match up with every mid in Katowice, but it'll be up to Dyrus and WildTurtle to deliver if TSM want to win their first series against a Korean squad in team history.

3. SK Gaming

Fionn: They have the skill to go far this tournament, but can they fix their vision problems in the mid-game and their issues with giving up early game kills in lane from pushing the lane too aggressively? I know one thing for sure: I want to see Forgiven and nRated take on GE's Pray and Gorilla.

Kelsey: SK should be a strong early game team, but gaps in vision leave obvious holes for their opposition to exploit. Even so, their powerful team fighting and minion wave control make them a strong team to tango with.

2. CJ Entus

Matt: CJ Entus are the weaker Korean team in this tournament, and are not nearly to the level of the GE Tigers. Because of the best-of-one opening stages, we could see them eliminated in an upset. However, I feel that teams who are not able to drive Shy out of his comfort zone may have trouble shutting them down.

Kelsey: CJ Entus is still a mess, with an AD carry who will go long in the throwfest, a jungler who still isn't really a jungler, and a top laner with great performances tempered by a questionable champion pool. CJ can out team fight almost any team but the GE Tigers, but they aren't invincible.

1. GE Tigers

Matt: They're the best team in the world right now. They have an undefeated match record in the LCK, and they should run roughshod over this tournament. It seems like a foregone conclusion that they should take the whole thing, so I'm a bit interested as using them as a barometer to check where the other teams stack up.

Fionn: The Tigers are the best team at IEM in the following categories:

  1. Playing League of Legends
  2. Dressing well
  3. Lifting the trophy at the end of the event
Image via Kris Duda on Flickr. CC BY 2.0, modified for cropping.