LGD's imp and MaRin on their playstyles and preparing for the LPL playoffs

by theScore Staff Apr 11 2016
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LGD Gaming's theoretical top lane and jungle upgrades, Jang "MaRin" Gyeonghwan and Xie "Eimy" Dan, didn't initially achieve the results that the organization was hoping for but are currently riding a seven series win streak. As LGD prepare for a long week of playoff matches, the team has gained a lot of attention, and many eagerly anticipate an expected clash between LGD and EDward Gaming in the final.

Prior to LGD Gaming's match against Snake eSports on Sunday, AD carry Gu "imp" Seungbin and top laner Jang "MaRin" Gyeonghwan sat down with theScore esports to answer a few questions about their playstyle and how their team is working together for the upcoming playoffs.

When I think of elite AD carries, you’ve always been quite consistent and haven’t really had an extended period of underperformance compared to some other ADCs. Can you think of a time when you felt you were not performing to your normal standards?

imp: I don’t have a specific time period, but whenever we have a long offseason or I take a break, I always feel like I’m not performing up to my usual standard. It takes me quite a long time to practice and get back up to where I feel comfortable.

You have played with primarily roaming supports in Mata and pyl. Do you feel this has affected your playstyle development, and what have you learned to do in cases when your support roams or you have to 1v2?

imp: I suppose I have to not die. If I play with a roaming support, I know that he is most likely working with the jungler to get my other team members an advantage. As long as I don’t die in lane, I know my team will do well.

You have an aggressive, carry-oriented style, but you also originally primarily played Ashe and Sivir when you first started playing, so some may find this strange. What appeals to you about these kinds of utility ADs?

imp: Well, Sivir is really good in the meta at the moment. In general, I think champions that can be really good and have a lot of uses for my team are the ones I like the best.

In the post match interview for Royal Never Give Up vs. Invictus Gaming, Mata said he believes RNG’s biggest rivals are LGD and EDG even though LGD. Last time you played EDG and RNG, your team didn’t do well. Since you’ve made improvements, how do you think LGD matches up against them at this time?

imp: I think we can defeat Royal Never Give Up, but I’m not so sure about EDward Gaming.

Initially this split, LGD Gaming played less around the top lane, but more and more Eimy seems to gank for the top lane now. How did your team decide that this is the proper way to play for LGD at this time?

MaRin: At the start of the season, because my Chinese wasn’t very good, I wasn’t able to communicate well with the team. Our English and Chinese communication has improved, so this enabled the team to play around me more.

Even though you receive a lot of gank pressure, you still play a lot of tank champions rather than carries. As a tank player, what do you have to do if you’re the member of your team who is the most ahead?

MaRin: If I get an advantage in the top lane, no matter what champion I play, I can really pressure out the enemy top laner. This means that the enemy top laner will have to call his team’s jungler to help him. When that happens, it means that my teammates in other lanes can get an advantage and carry.

You mentioned you had difficulty communicating earlier this split. Often times I’ve heard that communication between top laner and support is very important for Teleport calls. How does your team work to make these kinds of calls?

MaRin: For TP calls, it’s usually done with jungle, top and support on LGD. The three of us will discuss which lane is the best to Teleport to at a given time. There is nothing special that we have had to do for this.

You and Easyhoon both came to China recently from SK Telecom and you will play against him on Vici Gaming in the opening match of the playoffs. Do you have any thoughts on facing him this week?

MaRin: Easyhoon is like a close younger brother to me. During the match against Vici Gaming, I think both of us will try very hard to win.

Translation assistance provided by LGD Gaming staff.

Kelsey Moser is a staff writer for theScore esports. You can follow her on Twitter.