Immortals sweep Team Liquid 3-0, secure third place in 2016 NA LCS Spring Playoffs

by Daniel Rosen Apr 16 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games/lolesports / NA LCS Spring 2016 / Riot Games

With a 3-0 sweep over Team Liquid, Immortals have taken third place in the 2016 NA LCS Spring Playoffs.

Immortals and TL were neck-and-neck throughout Game 1, but as the meta goes these days, it all came down to one key teamfight. Immortals were only 4k gold ahead on a 14-11 kill advantage, but Matt “Matt” Elento missed a binding on Baron which left TL in the lurch as Immortals killed Nashor, secured four kills, and rushed down the mid lane to take the game.

Despite the late-game misplay though, Matt's Bard earned Immortals' respect in the form of a ban in Game 2. Stuck on Braum, TL's support failed to make much of an impact on the game, going 0/7/2. Instead, Yeu-jin “Reignover” Kim showed up big for Immortals, with an amazing 8/0/10 scoreline on Graves by the end of the game. The jungler hard-carried his team to a 21-7 victory after Jason "WildTurtle" Tran sealed TL's fate with a Quadra Kill.

Immortals closed out their sweep in a much closer Game 3. With an 0/3/10 Bard back on their team composition, TL was able to push back and pick up 11 kills, but they crumbled in the face off Immortals constant aggression. Despite focusing their fire on WildTurtle, they weren't able to find an opening to close out the game. Over on Immortals, it was Eugene “Pobelter” Park’s turn to carry, on a huge 7/1/9 Ryze that blew up TL in every teamfight.

Immortals have earned 50 Championship Points for their placement, which will go towards potentially qualifying for the World Championship later this year.

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