QG Reapers respond to Doinb accusations with call for investigation

by theScore Staff Apr 17 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Andrea Sznajder / IEM/ESL

QG Reapers have released an official statement regarding the Weibo post made by mid laner Kim "Doinb" Taesang on Sunday. In it, the team denies claims made by Doinb that South Korean jungler Baek "Swift" Daehoon disrespected coaching staff and ignored drafting recommendations, and says it will work with the LPL on an official investigation.

Earlier this week, Doinb released a string of Wechat messages on Weibo that accused Swift of refusing pick-and-ban recommendations from a member of the coaching staff. Doinb claimed that when he argued with Swift about the issue, Swift convinced the team to bench him.

In a statement released Sunday, QG said Doinb's statements were false, and that in making them he acted against the LPL Official Rules. The statement says the team will work with Riot Games, the League of Legends Association of Chinese Esports and the League of Legends Project Team to conduct an investigation, the results of which will be made public.

A translated version of the statement reads:

With regards to Doinb's statement released at 1:45PM 14th April 2016 on his personal weibo, QG Esports Club expresses deep regret, and requests related parties conduct an investigation for the truth.

Doinb's actions are heavily against the League of Legends Pro League Official Rules, and the falsity of his statement has severe ramifications for the interests of our Club as well as our players' preparations for the LPL Spring 2016 Playoff Season. Our Club will, in conjunction with L.ACE, Riot Games and the League of Legends Project Team, invite an Investigative Team to conduct investigations on related parties in order to determine the truth. We will release the results of our investigation at a later date along with how our Club will formally deal with Doinb.

As the Spring Playoff Season is nearly upon us, our Club hopes that our players will focus fully on practicing for the upcoming matches. We express gratefulness to our fans for wanting to know the truth, and thank them for their support of QG.

Prior to making the allegations, Doinb was removed from QG's starting roster and replaced by rotating mid laners Huang "Mortred" Zikun and Kim "BoriSal" Yeonghoon. It has not been officially announced who will play mid lane for QG in the LPL Semifinal against EDward Gaming, given Mortred's recent hand injury and speculation that Bae "dade" Eojin will start for the team temporarily.

Doinb's Weibo post includes screenshots of a conversation between Doinb and someone he names as the "Club's Boss," in which the Boss repeatedly ignores Doinb's requests to talk about Swift's actions and the reasons he was benched. A Facebook post made Saturday, written by the team's previous substitute jungler, Im "T0M" Jaehyeon, corroborated some of Doinb's statements, but several individuals have questioned the post's authenticity.

Translation by Jenny Lee.

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